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Technical Articles

Full Comparison of Sublistar DTF Powder Shaker S8 Vs S9

S9, the latest generation of DTF shaker and dryer, was developed by Sublistar in early 2023.

Troubleshooting and Maintaining DTG Printers

How to solve DTG technical problems and maintain its optimal performance?This article will give some useful advice.

How to Install & Maintain The Printhead of DTF Printer?

Here we list the precautions before installing new print heads, how to install new print heads and solutions of several common problems for print heads.

How To Correctly Maintain The Nozzles Of The DTF Printer?

The nozzle is the most important precision parts in the DTF Printer. Its normal use determines the print quality and the service life of the machine.

Difference Between DTF-MINI450I & DTF-MINI360ProMax

If you need a small format DTF printing machine, DTF-MINI450I and DTF-MINI300ProMax models are good choices.

Some Tips For UV Ink Save And Storage

How to effectively avoid unnecessary waste of UV ink when UV printing? And how to properly store UV ink during the usual using UV printers?

UV STAR-III VS Other Brands UV Printers

Which UV printer is good? In fact, the key is the performance of the equipment and after-sales service!

PS Spot Color Channel Scheme

PS spot color channel scheme (white and fluorescent),How to create spot color with Adobe Photoshop?

Pretreatment Solution for DTG Printing

What exactly is pretreatment? Why does proper pretreatment play an important role in DTG printers?

How to Print DTF(Direct to Film) – Step By Step Process

Read this post to know the details abotu DTF prinitng process.

Full Comparison of Sublistar DTF Shaker S6 Vs S8

S8 is the latest generation of powder shaker developed by Sublistar company in early 2022.


We now provide 6 kinds of DTF transfer films: matte film, golden film, glitter film, breathable film, tear in seconds film and colorful film.

How To Determine The Quality of PET Film?

It mainly describes how to choose high quality PET film: smooth printing, cooling and tearing effect, and the coating is uniform under the microscope.

Select the Right Hot Melt Powder for Your DTF Printing

Sublistar has 5 types DTF powder to choose from: Soft DTF Powder, Rough DTF Powder, Anti-stretch DTF Powder, Anti-sublimation DTF powder & Breathable DTF powder.

New Upgrades of Sublistar DTF Printer

SUBLISTAR has been listening to customers’ feedback and suggestions to continuously upgrade and improve our products.

Comparison of Best-Selling Model DTF Printers

Behind the “flocking” of DTF film printing in the digital printing industry, what is her charm?

Fluorescent Color Print for DTF Printer

Latest technology of DTF Fluo Series, Want some fluorescent clothing shirt? Try our DTF Print, same as silkscreen.

What Is a DTF Printer and How To Use It?

DTF PET film printer is revolutionary new printing technology.

What’s the Difference Between All Kinds of Epson Printheads?

Here we focus on comparing Epson print heads, including: Epson dx5, dx7, xp600, TX800, Epson 5113, I3200 (4720) and S3200.

Differences Between DTX-I And Brother GTX Pro DTG Printer

Full comparison of Sublisar DTG printer DTX Vs Brother GTX printer, help you to choose the right DTG machine.

Compare Sublistar DTF Machine Essential Vs. Pro

Among the existing printing solutions, DTF(Direct to Film) Digital Transfer Technology is the best and most perfect transfer method solutions.

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