Compare Sublistar DTF Machine Essential Vs. Pro

Among the existing printing solutions, DTF(Direct to Film) Digital Transfer Technology is the best and most perfect transfer method solutions. DTF is taking the T-shirt decorative industry to a new level, this new technology that gives the advantage to any person to print digital transfers to the inkjet garment decoration process that requires no pre-treatment even for white ink. Which cab to be press on both Dark and Light Garments like cotton, polyester, 50/50 blends, spandex, leather, nylon, and more. Sublistar offers different dtf machine, here you can check the different, and know why DTF pro max?

Full Comparison of Sublistar DTF Machine - Pro VS Essential


DTF 1.0

DTF 2.0


DTF Pro Max

WIMS (White Ink Management System)

XL Ink Tank Continuous Feed System

No engraving and no waste discharge

Ink low alarm

Powder recycle-free

RIP Software with Manual and video Tutorials

Built-in Heater

Vacuum suction conveyor belt

Equipped heating tube Top and bottom

PLC Touch Screen

 Integrated smokeless optional

Staggered Inkjet Printing Technology
Constant Tension Control System
cone-shaped powder box

front and rear suction system

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