Difference Between DTF-MINI450I & DTF-MINI360ProMax

If you need a small format DTF printing machine, DTF-MINI450I and DTF-MINI300ProMax models are good choices. Let’s take a look at the main difference between them.

Print Head: Dual Epson PrecisionCore™I3200 Print Heads
Print Size: 430mm Print Width
Max Print Speed: 6-10m2/h
Ink Type: C, M, Y, BK, LC, LM+W
Print Head: Dual Epson PrecisionCore™ XP600 Print Heads
Print Size: 300mm Print Width
Max Print Speed: 6-10m2/h
Ink Type: C, M, Y, BK, LC, LM+W
Touch Screen
Control Mode
Automatic / Manual
Automatic / Manual
Preheat Plate
Version 1.0
Version 2.0
Preheat Fan
Front Sensor
Powder Weight Sensor Sensitivity
Class 1
Class 3
Dusting Box Self heating
Low Frequency Recycle Powder
Heating Top And Bottom
High Power Consumption
Low Power Consumption
Automatic Shaking Powder
Suction Roller Intensity
Class 1
Class 1
Conveyor Belt Keep In Sync With Suction Roller
Insulation Baffle
Tension Take up Reel
Cooling Fan
All in one Purifier
Version 1.0
Version 2.0
Shake Powder Motor
Non mute

See New Upgrades of DTF-MINI450I

Smarter Touch Screen

The previous PLC was run by the program, it runs by a operating system after upgrading. The touch screen device is easy to operate.Just touch the desired option to easily navigate throughall the menus.The user-friendly nature of the touchscreen also helps to save time.

Automatic Shaking Powder

The powder dusting induction sensitivity is higher,with the design of no-return powder, the automation of the process can be further improved ,and the manual workload can be reduced. The preheating system has a smoke exhaust function to prevent powder sticking.This effectively reduces the possibility of excess powder adhering to the film.At the same time, the preheating function can be switched on and off by setting the preheating parameters to suit the needs of different films.

All-in-one Purifier

New generation smoke purifiers – Using a thermal superconducting smoke purification system, semiconductor refrigeration liquefies hot smoke for better removal. Simple disassembly and assembly of the filter element, easy maintenance, and better oil collection.

Shake Powder Motor


Staggered Inkjet Printing

Although small size machine, it uses the Epson i3200 printhead. The next generation oblique spray staggered inkjet printing, improved the printing speed, 4pass accuracy surpasses 6pass.

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