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Digital Direct to Garment Printer VS Traditional Digital Printing Machine

Traditional digital printing machines are digitally controlled nozzles. Spray dye dots as needed on the areas where the dye is needed. Many tiny dots quickly become the required pattern to achieve visual color coherence and consistent pattern lifelike. Color saturation and level brightness are relatively poor, part of moire is too difficult to grasp.

Digital direct printing machine is the result and essence of the development of traditional digital printing machine, through the machine and digital printing ink direct spraying, bright color saturation.

Traditional digital printing machines require a long time of color separation, screen making, color matching, pulp blending, printing, post-processing and other processes. The production cost is very high, and customers may not be satisfied. Material applications are mainly heat transfer printing.

Digital DTG printer is the development of traditional digital printing technology, as long as the cloth direct jet printing, or want better color fastness, as long as the enhancement. Personalized customization, production cost is not big, greatly meet people’s pursuit of personality. With the development of society, the choice of cotton digital direct printing is the general trend, but also a breakthrough of traditional heat transfer printing.

Digtal DTG printer needs to pay special attention to the problem of machine loss, the big problem is the loss of nozzle parts, so it is necessary to learn some maintenance skills:

1. Remove the circuit of digital printer, do not turn off the power switch or cut off the main power supply. This behavior can damage the service life of each system and nozzle.

2, free to add different batches of ink, or the use of substandard ink or cleaning liquid. Mixing two different ink configurations will change the color and quality of the ink. Poor quality ink can affect the spraying effect, clog the nozzle, and poor quality cleaning fluid may corrode the nozzle.

3. Vigorously clean the high-pressure air gun of the nozzle. If the nozzle is slightly blocked, it is recommended to vacuum the dust and then clean it carefully. Don’t do that.

4. Soak the whole nozzle in the cleaning solution. Cleaning liquid has a certain corrosive, so generally only take appropriate amount into the nozzle for cleaning.

5. Keep the cleaning liquid in the nozzle for more than 2 days and 2 nights. Soaking the cleaning solution over a long period of time can remove stains more effectively, but if more than 48 hours can affect the nozzle hole.

6. Clean the nozzle with your own non-quality inspection products. Nozzles are easy to contaminate and wear, so clean the nozzles using the manufacturer’s specified product and quality inspection product.

DTG Printing

What Fabric Can Be Used In DTG Printing Machine?

In fact, any fabric can be printed by DTG printing machine, but the inks commonly used by various fabrics are different, and different fabrics match different printing inks. In fact, many people want to have a device that can print all the fabric at the same time, that is, one ink that can handle all the fabric, good color, good color fastness to washing. However, there is no ink on the market that can print all the fabric, so there is no digital direct printing machine that can print all the fabric without changing the ink. At the moment, some people may ask that I can use a digital direct jet printing machine to change different ink under different fabric conditions, we do not recommend this kind of practice, because the ink is very easy to damage the nozzle.

In textile digital printing, many nozzles of digital technology direct jet printing machine ensure high quality pattern design and rapid manufacturing speed. As everyone knows, because the nozzle is too close to the textile, some fabrics can not be used for digital printing. For example, there are some off-line textile will touch the nozzle, resulting in damage.

Cotton, Hemp, Mulberry Silk
DTG is directly sprayed on the fabric according to the digital printing machine, but this fabric needs to be solved in the early stage, called desizing, or the color can not be improved. Coating direct spray printing, according to the direct spray printing machine immediately direct spray on the fabric, no desizing, evaporation, water cleaning process in printing, immediately after printing high temperature preservation can be.
Silks And Satins
Another chemical fiber suitable for digital printing of textile products is silk. Silks can be printed with vibrant inks (for greater colour fastness to washing) or acid-base printing inks (for a wider colour gamut).
Blended Cotton Fabric
Blended fabric is a fabric composed of two different kinds of materials, which is a challenge for digital printing machines. In textile digital printing, only one type of ink is used in one machine. Because each kind of material is not the same kind of ink, so as a printing company, be sure to use the appropriate composition of the specific material of the textile ink. This also means that the ink will not stain easily on another material, causing the color to fade and leak white. Usually, the textile digital printing machine can handle 70-30% of the blended fabrics. For example, a blend of 70% cotton and 30% polyester fabric can be printed with vigor ink. However, for 60-40% of blended fabrics, the application of digital printing is limited in the deeper layers of colour.
Polyester fabrics can not be colored or printed in high temperature conditions, so the printing is mostly direct spray printing, the use of acid dyes. The key point of acid dye depends on the color instability after printing, washing color fastness is not very good.
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What Machines Are Used In Garment Industry?


Know the Details about Garment Machine Below

Digital Direct to Garment Printer

Universal garment pattern printing machine, with a variety of nozzle equipped with optional epson DX5, 5113 and so on, the total number of sprinkler heads is generally 2, and the rate is about 300~1200 pieces/day. There are also double nozzle and four nozzle equipped, in addition to the speed and size, can integrate the white background of handmade silk printing ink to deal with the problem of increasing the cost of duPont white ink, but also to deal with the problem of polyester fabric clothing printing.

Dye Sublimation Printing Machine

The high stability application and the working pressure response type press wheel, the working pressure control to more accurate, so that the paper is more stable, more can achieve a continuous and stable printing. The new upgrade mold paper pressing design, easy to roll, firm and stable, not easy to tilt up, to ensure a stable and sustainable printing.

Oval Printing Machine

Octopus designed oval digital printing machine for printing machine and a set of digital direct injection machine, which solved the problem of the printing ink can’t printed color gradient, also solved the brunet fabrics direct injection garment printing cost expensive problem, and also can print cotton, polyester cloth, all fabrics such as polyester, high efficiency special high, up and down a machine for 10 hours before and after the 2000 pieces of production. High level of automation technology, automatic drying processing.

Belt Digital Printing Machine

The main uses and functions of the belt guide are as follows:Cotton direct jet guide belt printing machine can be used for: clothing, cutting, piece, and printing black. Dark fabrics such as red can be used and can directly spray fine 3D actual effect clothing.

High-speed operation, high precision, the new high-speed sprinkler system adopts imported machinery and equipment. High precision nozzle, with a variety of ways to achieve high precision, high quality clothing printing requirements.

The new color control and management system is widely used for main purposes. Can direct spray pure cotton cloth, cut pieces of cloth, at the same time can be woven fabric.

The working efficiency of four nozzle cotton cloth machine is 64 square meters per hour.

How To Choose A Suitable Digital DTG Printer

Digital DTG printer by editing the computer print color description system (CAD), the pattern in digital form to the computer, then the computer controls the micro-piezoelectric nozzle directly spray special dyes to the textile, forming the desired pattern. The popularization and application of cotton digital printing technology will have a great impact on the development of China’s textile industry in the 21st century.

In the past, it took days or even dozens of days from design to delivery. Now customers can choose patterns and fabrics within 1~2 hours to get finished products, in order to better meet the personalized needs of consumers to wear or decorate.

According to cotton digital direct printing machine, can be divided into many types. Among them, digital direct printing presses with relatively simple technology can obtain more commonly used complex steps, such as no washing; Ready-to-wear digital direct printing machine; Small digital direct printing press; Leather digital direct printing machine, etc.

Good color fastness of washing and steaming steps; Direct spraying with digital direct printing machine.

The common printing problem is matching printing deviation, the solution is as follows:

1. Check whether the cloth pressing wheel is under pressure and whether the paper pressing wheel is rotating. If the above problems occur, adjust the pressing wheel to check whether the pressing wheel is rotating.

2. The grating and guide rail may be too dirty to clean, the grating should be cleaned with alcohol, and the guide rail should be wiped with oil.

3. Check whether the pressing cloth is correct and correct.

4. Check the surrounding environment, the driving wheel is easy drift into the foreign body, clean it.

5. Don’t put the human factor too tight or too loose.

6. The elasticity of the cloth wheel spring is not uniform, and the cloth is biased to the other side, indicating that the spring is loose.

7. Check whether the machine is loose.

8. Rubber wheel wear degree is different, natural deviation or small wheel damage, please check.

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