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We are manufactuer. Sublistar are establish 2009, we manufature large-format digital print machine.

Below is the detail shipping procedure:

1) We send the item to our shipping company first.

2) Then our shipping company will send it to Hong Kong.

3) Then DHL Hong Kong will pick up the item.

4) Then we will give you the tracking number.

1) The warranty of machine is 14 months.

2) The warranty of laser tube, water chiller, air pump, exhaust system,air compressor and water separator are 6 months.

3) The warranty of the lens and mirrors are 1 week after you receive the machine.

4) During warranty, we will send the parts to you for repairing/replacing.

5) When the warranty is over, we will charge for replacing.

6) The warranty is dated from Ex Factory date.

7) Ongoing tech support is accessible by email/telephone/Skype. Technical documents are available to fix any problems.

We accept T/T, Paypal, Western Union, etc.

1) You pay the 30% deposit to us

2) We prepare the machine for you after we receive your money.

3) We take photos/video for you when the machine is ready.

4) You pay the 70% balance to us before shipment.

5) We send out the machine to you by sea way to your sea port(or by DHL to your door directly according to your needs)

6) We send out all the documents to you to clean the customs and get the machine.

7) The shipping company will contact you when the machine arrives at your port. You contact with shipping company and ask them to help you to clean customs. And then ask them to find a carrier to send the machine to your door.

8) Everything is done now.

1) The time to prepare the machine is about 7-10 days,

2) We send the machine to the shipping company and the machine will stay in the shipping company’s warehouse for about one week. This is called LCL period.

3) The time from ShangHai port to your port is about 15-45 days.

Usually, we will need about 7-10 days to prepare the order after receiving the payment.

And if send by DHL air way, it will need about 7 days to reach you.

So totally it will need about 14-17 days if you choose DHL air way to your door.

Usually we will take around 3-7 days to make the samples.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer is a new decoration method. With heat transfer, also known as digital transfer, your custom logo or design will be printed on transfer paper, and then ink is thermally transferred from the paper to your fabric using heat and pressure.

Heat press is a machine that presses the transfer onto an imprintable substrate. Using high temperature and high pressure for a certain period of time, the transfer will be permanently embedded in the product.

Heat transfer printing can take place in several different ways. There are inkjet transfer, dye sublimation transfer, digital decal transfer and vinyl transfer.

Here are some of the more common items, usually heat pressed. The list by no means ends here.
Fabrics, T-Shirts, Caps, Mouse Pads, Tote Bags, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Tiles, Mugs, Wood / Metals Other Misc.

Standard transfers require anywhere from 375° to 425° F demand serious force in pressing often from 40-80 psi. These temperatures and pressures are simply not possible with other heated devices.

You will need Inkjet Printer, Inkjet ink, Heat Transfer Paper or vinyl, Heat Press and also you might use cutter, Heat Pads
Heat Resistant Sheeting, Substrates.

Sublimation Transfer Printing

Using sublimation printing, you can print logo or design on various items made of any processed or polymer-coated material or clothing made of polyester. Sublimation needs special ink, paper and specific substrates with polymer coating to work.

The following are some of the far more common items often heat pressed. The list by no means ends here. T-Shirts, Caps, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Tiles, Mugs, Mouse Pads, Paper Memo Cubes, Tote Bags, Jigsaw Puzzles, Lettering, Numbers, Rhinestones/Crystals, Wood / Metals Other Misc. Fabrics & Materials.
The important factor when heat pressing with sublimation transfers onto non-natural fabric substrates is to be sure the material has the proper polyester synthetic coating.

Standard transfers require anywhere from 180° to 260° F demand serious force in pressing often from 25-36 seconds. These temperatures and pressures are simply not possible with other heated devices.

No. Sublimation will not work on Cotton. Sublimation requires polyester-based products. You can sublimate to a 50/50 T-shirt and get a slightly faded/vintage look. We recommended to transfer to fabrics with a polyester content of not less than 60%, and it works best on 100% polyester.

Due to the type of ink used, you can only use the type of printer that can be used for printing.

The ink used in the sublimation transfer process is a special mixture of water-based and heat reactive dyes.

Print cotton shirt: Sublimation requires polyester to complete the transfer process. Only use 100% polyester shirts for the best sublimation effect. For cotton shirts we recommend using heat transfer paper.

Print 65/35 and 50/50 shirts with bright colors: Since part of the shirt is still cotton, the sublimation ink does not have enough polyester to create a vivid transfer effect. The image will eventually show a dull color, especially after washing. Similarly, using heat transfer for cotton shirts is indeed the best option.

Print colored shirts: Any colored background will greatly change the color of the imprint. Since the sublimation will become part of the shirt, any color already on the garment will overwhelm the transferred image.

Print Non-polymer coated items: Remember that sublimation is printed on the coating, not on the object.

DTF Printing

The DTF(direct to film) process is as simple as its name implies-printing on the film and directly transferred to the fabric. The most prominent factor that makes this process worthwhile for more people is the freedom to choose almost any fabric. Whether it is polyester, cotton, silk or synthetic fibers such as man-made fibers or terry cloth, the DTF printing process will definitely do magic to them.

Suitable for  all kinds of Fabrics, Leather, Bags, Shoes, Hats, Socks, Gloves, Umbrellas, Plush toys, Knitted Underwear, Swimwear, Handicrafts, Tshirt, Hoodies, Cushion, Pillow, Bags, Denim/Jeans and Many other industries

It use DTF inks that are specific for transfer film to be use on dark and light garment like 100% cotton, polyester, blends, spandex, flex, leather.

Yes, you need DTF transfer film so the DTF inks be able to print and stay on it. DTF transfer film have a coated side for that.

Yes, without the DTF powder you will not be able to finish and press your design.

Yes, to be able to press the design.

No, DTF printing requires special DTF ink. Printing with DTG ink on DTF film causes the ink to flow and mix with white and CMYK.

If you use quality dtf powder and follow the correct application, the washability is good. It is definitely better than laser white toner transfer. The recommended washing temperature is 40C.

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