Sublistar DTF Powder Shaker Machine Version S9

All-round upgraded

Huge upgrade in power consumption, a big leap in motor life, simple operation, and greener blowdown.


S9, the latest generation of DTF shaker and dryer, was developed by Sublistar in early 2023. The S9 series of DTF powder shaking machines has lower energy consumption and is more environmentally friendly.


S8 vs S9 dtf shaker

Quick Look

Shaker S8
Shaker S9
Version: S8
Heating function: Inside plate heating, power-saving drying curing
Material delivery method: Conveyor Belt Keep In Sync With Suction Roller
Power Box: Dual
Rewinding function: Tension control winding
Power: 4KW
Machine size: 1850*1050*1050mm
Version: S9
Heating function:Inner plate heating, energy-saving drying and curing
Material delivery method: The conveyor belt is synchronized with the guide roller
Power Box: Single
Rewinding function: Tension control winding
Average power: 3.5KW
Machine size: 1840*1110*1030mm

Full comparison of sublistar DTF Powder shaker and Dryer s8 vs s9

Sublistar is committed to affordable innovation and functional upgrading in a 24″ all-in-one shaker dryer for DTF printers through technical changes, delicate design, and specialized teamwork. Here you can see the similarities and differences between the S8 and S9 powder shaker drying machines and learn why the DTF shaker S9 is so popular


The similarities Between S8 and S9 DTF powder shaker drying machine

The Differences Between S8 and S9 DTF powder shaker drying machine

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