Sublistar Shaker Version S8

All-round upgraded

Huge upgrade in power consumption, big leap in motor life, simple operation and greener blowdown.

S8 is the latest generation of powder shaker developed by Sublistar company in early 2022. The S8 series of powder shaking machines have lower energy consumption, are more environmentally friendly.

Quick Look

Shaker S6
Shaker S8
Version: S6
Heating function: Front plate heating, top and bottom drying curing
Material delivery method: Mesh belt conveyor
Powder Box: Single
Rewinding function: Automatic induction winding
Power: 6KW
Machine size: 1950*1250*1050mm
Version: S8
Heating function: Inside plate heating, power-saving drying curing
Material delivery method: Conveyor Belt Keep In Sync With Suction Roller
Power Box: Dual
Rewinding function: Tension control winding
Power: 4KW
Machine size: 1850*1050*1050mm

Full comparison of sublistar DTF shaker s6 vs. s8

Sublistar is committed to affordable innovation and environmental protection through information technology, smart technology and clever design. here you can check the different, and know why shaker S8?

VersionShaker S6Shaker S8
Touch ScreenPLCMIC
Control ModeAutomatic / ManualAutomatic / Manual
Preheat PlateVersion 1.0Version 2.0
Preheat FanX
Front SensorFixedAdjustable
Powder Weight Sensor SensitivityClass 1Class 3
Dusting Box Self heating
Low Frequency Recycle Powder
Heating Top And BottomHigh Power ConsumptionLow Power Consumption
Automatic Shaking Powder
Suction Roller IntensityClass 1Class 3
Conveyor Belt Keep In Sync With Suction RollerX
Oven Length850mm1079mm
Insulation BaffleX
Tension Take up ReelX
Cooling Fan
All in one PurifierVersion 1.0Version 2.0
Shake Powder MotorNon muteMute


Touch Screen

(Smarter touch display)

Control Mode
Automatic / Manual
Automatic / Manual
Preheat Plate
Version 1.0

(Heating plate placed outside)

Version 2.0

(Heating plate placed inside to save more heat energy)

Preheat Fan
Front Sensor
Powder Weight Sensor Sensitivity
Class 1

(Reset setting is needed,  password is required)

Class 3

(No reset setting, no password, automatic real-time induction.)

Dusting Box Self-heating
Low Frequency Recycle Powder
Heating Tube Top & Bottom
High Power Consumption

(The top and bottom heating tubes release heat at the same time. Power:6kw)

Low Power Consumption

(Increase the bottom lamp tube's power, decrease the top lamp tube's power, the bottom lamp tube generates more heat, and the top lamp tube plays a role in heat preservation. thereby reducing power consumption. Power:4kw)

Automatic Shaking Powder
Suction Roller Intensity
Class 1
Class 3

(The optimized suction device can better prevent the printing film from slipping, and can automatically repair the paper inclination caused by the wrong feeding position, so that the film is heated more evenly. adn the design of the side pipe suction greatly prolongs the life of the suction fan.)

Conveyor Belt Keep In Sync With Suction Roller
Oven Length
Insulation Baffle

(No baffle)

(A baffle is added at the outlet end of the oven to reduce heat loss, provide a better heating control scheme, and greatly reduce energy consumption.)

Tension Take-up Reel

(Normal take-up reel shaft )

(Use the tension take-up reel to replace the normal take-up reel shaft.The winding is more flat and neat. The degree of automation is further improved, and a roll of film can be completely printed without manual operation.)

Cooling Fan
All-in-one Purifier
Version 1.0
Version 2.0

(New generation smoke purifiers - Using a thermal superconducting smoke purification system, semiconductor refrigeration liquefies hot smoke for better removal.
Simple disassembly and assembly of the filter element, easy maintenance, and better oil collection)

Shake Powder Motor

(Mute high-frequency powder removal system to reduce noise.
excess powder on the film is further removed, so that the final transferred pattern feels better, especially the white powder spots on the image on the dark background clothing can be removed.)

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