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Nowadays, high-drop UV printers have just solved the customization prints market vacancy.

SUBLISTAR UV Flatbed Printer
Realize High & Low Drop Printing

With the pursuit of personalized life, the personalized printing customization market has become popular everywhere, and uv printers have also been widely used. However, due to limited technology, some high-drop concave-convex material industries have only been able to wait and see over the years, failing to benefit from it. uv printing. In order to solve the problem of products due to the drop printing process, SUBLISTAR has successfully developed a high drop UV printer after continuous research, which solves the problem of individual printing of materials with uneven groove drop and height drop.

What Is High Drop UV Printer? & Why U Need It ?

The printing principle of the UV printer is piezoelectric inkjet printing, and the ink is sprayed onto the material through the nozzle. Some customers see that there are direct printing patterns on sports shoes and golf balls in the market, and they consult us to understand what kind of process it is. Ordinary nozzles do not have enough ejection force. Generally, they can only print materials with a drop of less than 5mm. If the drop is higher than 5mm, the scattered ink pattern will be unclear. SUBLISTAR has developed a high drop technology to break through the technical bottleneck of uv printers and increase the printing drop to more than 8mm. The drop refers to the distance between the lowest concave surface and the highest convex surface of the material, and the high drop in uv printing refers to the relatively large drop distance of the material. Ordinary uv printers cannot print good results, which may easily lead to ink flying and unclear patterns. , The drop distance of this UV machine we developed is more than 8mm, and there are very few UV machines on the market that have a maximum jetting height of up to 20mm, which is suitable for printing uneven materials with uneven unevenness, high speed and high precision.

What Does SUBLISTAR STAR-III Can Bring You?

Advantages of high drop UV printers: fast printing speed, good printing effect, and high print stability.

About Nozzles

We use EPSON I1600-U1 UV print head, which inherits the characteristics of high stability of Epson print head; Usually industrial UV printing machines use industrial high drop print heads, such as Ricoh and Toshiba print heads.


About Print Resolution

High-definition image quality output, print resolution up to 1800DPI


About Max Print Depth

The printing drop is increased to more than 8mm

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