How To Correctly Maintain The Nozzles Of The DTF Printer?

The nozzle is the most important precision parts in the DTF Printer. Its normal use determines the print quality and the service life of the machine. Therefore, correctly and reasonable maintenance of the print head is an important part that cannot be ignored in daily operations.

Today, it will be mainly explained from the two perspectives of reasonable and correct maintenance and how to correctly use a cleaning solution to clean the corresponding parts.

1. How to reasonably maintain the nozzles?

(1) After booting, please print the test bar to confirm the status of the nozzle and ensure the printing effect;

(2) There are still disconnects or dotted lines after multiple cleaning, please wait 10 minutes before working. If all spray holes are not cleaned for many times in a row, contact the technical personnel of the equipment supplier for the first time, so as not to damage to meet.

(3) Before printing, pay attention to the distance between the nozzle and the PET membrane. It is recommended that the sprinkler is about 3mm from the cloth surface (about 1 and a half coins). live. Avoiding the printing process, the PET membrane was arched due to unevenness, causing the nozzle to scrape it, scrape, hit the PET membrane, and damage the nozzle or burn the motherboard.

(4) After the work is over, use the dust -free cloth to dip the cleaning liquid every day as much as possible, and clean it at the bottom of the sprinkler’s bottom.

Print test bar
Wash the nozzle regularly

(5) Check the cleaning status of the ink pads at least every two weeks. If there are debris such as hairy objects, please remove the miscellaneous objects with tweezers or dustless cloths.

(6) Check at least a week and clear the waste ink in the waste box to prevent overflow.

(7) If you do not need a machine for the time being, try to boot once a day and print a 4 -color block of A4 paper size to moisturize the spray head;

(8) If the machine needs to replace different types of ink, please contact the equipment supplier to avoid affecting the normal operation of the machine.

(9) Print the test bar before finishing the work every day to confirm the status of the nozzle and ensure that the nozzle is normally ink.

(10) Use the machine every day: first turn off the software before turning off the machine, and check whether the nozzle returns to the initial position.

The above mainly introduces the details of the operating details of the spray head under daily use. The following will focus on other links that cannot be ignored during the daily maintenance. Correct use of cleaning liquid will help print the sprinkler more smoothly.

2. Learn to use cleaning solution correctly

The cleaning solution is a “detergent” prepared according to the characteristics of ink. Its main function is: strong scouring ability, dissolving ability, and making ink better in the pipeline.

(1) When the new machine is installed

Since each machine is out of the factory, the machine has been installed in ink, and there is also a protective liquid in the pipeline and ink head. Ink water is not as strong as the solubility of the protective liquid, and the liquidity of the protection solution has some effects on the liquidity of ink. It often occurs the phenomenon of drawing (under high -quality mode) and oblique ink holes. Therefore, when we require the new machine, we must use the cleaning solution to clean the pipe road. Avoid the phenomenon of drawing and ink holes.

(2) Regular maintenance every week

Use cleaning liquid to clean the ink pads regularly every week. After the ink pads are cleaned, adjust the position of the printed car left and right, and need to use the needle of the clean nozzle to enter an appropriate amount of pure water, reset the car, After one minute, turn off the proper and the main power

Washing and moisturizing ink pad
Regular Cleaning The Pipeline

(3) Cleaning of regular pipelines

Use the cleaning solution to clean the pipeline regularly (3-6 months). When using ink for a long time, there will be adhesion on the wall of the tube, and the attachment will affect the fluency of the ink. The solubility of the cleaning fluid to the attachment is very strong, so it is necessary to clean the pipeline regularly.

(4) When a specific problem is printing

Sometimes due to the poor working environment, the electrical electrostatic of the machine is relatively strong. Many cotton wool-shaped dust will be attached to the surface of the ink head. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause oblique spray and blockage of ink holes. Drop the cleaning liquid in the ink cushion regularly making the ink head moisturize better.

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