Is UV printer environmental friendly?

Why UV printer booming innowadays digital printing market? 

At present, many countries have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection in industrial production. The local departments have many rigid requirements for environmental protection. Friends who have done screen printing should know that the rectification is must they are found to produce waste water over discharge standard. 

Under this condition, many producer start to be careful to avoid the unannounced investigation by regualtion department. Sometimes they have to change the production time to night in order to catch up with the tight deadlines. If being caught, the supplier will have to rectify, fine or even ask to move the plant, which consumes a lot of energy and money. 

Therefore, the printing enterprise urgently needs a new type of environmental protection printing equipment to upgrade the industry, This has to mention the UV flatbed printer. Can it replace the traditional technology?

Shortcomings of Screen Printing

screen printing

Advantages of UV Printing

  1. Non-toxic ink without solvent, can be touched by skin directly.
  2. No noise pollution. The noise create in the working is  less than 60 dB during printing.
  3. No pungent and irritating odor. The odor create during the UV printing will evaporate after it is placed for 24 hours.
  4. No water pollution. A UV printer works for a month only produce no more than 1L waste water, which can be directly dump into the sewer and washed.

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