Can imagine Double-head DTF printer speed faster than four heads?

In recent years, as more and more users turn to the digitalization of textile printing, the digital textile printing industry has developed rapidly. The use of digital printers makes it easy and simple for people to improve fabric performance, maintain consistency, and most importantly, display multiple colors on textiles, making the whole process reliable and cost-effective as a whole. The process of digital printing on textiles involves a variety of processes. Since last year, new printing technology has swept the digital printing industry—DTF printers. In fact, the DTF printing process (direct to film printing) is very simple and easy to operate. SUBLISTAR also keeps seeking new development on DTF printer, our newly launched DTF printer adopts a brand-new printing scheme, which has changed the traditional printing mode, and prints while feeding the PET film without interruption! We named it SUBLISTAR DTF Pro Max Printer

What's new in DTF Pro Max series printer?

  • Staggered Inkjet Printing for Uninterrupted Film Feeding

1. Different from the traditional printing method, the new DTF Pro Max printer adopts staggered inkjet printing, uninterrupted film feeding, it saves a lot of paper feeding time, the printing efficiency and speed are increased by two times, and the maximum printing speed up to 20 ㎡/hour.

2. Continuous paper feeding and printing point coverage are denser, 4PASS accuracy surpasses 6PASS ordinary powder shaker on the market!

3. Uninterrupted paper feed printing and constant tension paper feeding system perfectly solve the problems of color difference, ink broken, and different shades caused by inaccurate paper feeding, ensuring high productivity and high quality!

constant tension bar
  • Constant Tension Control System

New constant tension paper feeding system to ensure that the white color ink printing is in place and accurately covering on color ink printed image.

The SUBLISTAR DTF printer adopts constant tension paper feeding and damping paper feeding to overcome the influence of tension, support large rolls, and reject paper arching. Precise paper feeding and the PET film does not deviate when shaking powder. 

  • Intelligent PLC control panel, easy to control all functions, monitor the running status of the inductor motor, graphic instructions, simple and clear.
  • Automatic mode, one button to complete powder loading, powder coating, shaking powder, heating, winding, comfortable and worry-free to complete production.
  • Special heating mode, perfectly adapted to the needs of high-speed machine drying, baking dry, non-sticky, ensuring productivity.
  • The powder box upgraded: special powder blocking device runs the sensor when the powder flowing, no need to wait for a long time, and the powder is sensed.
shaking powder machine

Suction System Upgrade for DTF Printer

SUBLISTAR DTF Pro Max printer’s another change is its suction system improvement.

Upgraded the location of the belt suction system, different from the old version built-in suction system, the new external suction system multi-circular holes design can easily dissipate heat and steam, reduce the burden of the blower and meanwhile extend the life of the motor. New model uses double suction system(front and back suction system) , which make the film tightly adsorbed on the belt platform, not slipping, facilitates the customer to cut samples to test.

Here You Can Check Some Applications of DTF

After Sublistar’s continuous improvement test, our DTF Pro Max Printer’s new staggered printing and uninterrupted paper feeding technology, our finished products achieve the higher precision, the better color output, and meanwhile, the inkjet point is more uniform, the line is denser.

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