Select the Right Hot Melt Powder for Your DTF Printing

5 Different Types of Hot Melt Powder

Sublistar has 5 types of DTF hot melt powder to choose from, namely Soft DTF Powder, Rough DTF Powder, Anti-stretch DTF Powder, Anti-sublimation DTF powder and Breathable DTF powder. These five kinds of hot melt powder are somewhat different in thickness, and we have some distinctions in application.

DTF Powder

Soft DTF Powder

Particle size 80-170um , easy to melt, soft and smooth after transfer, suitable for smooth and flat fabrics, such as T-shirts, sweaters, sweaters, polo shirts

Rough DTF Powder

Particle size 120-250um,easy to melt,after transfer, the hand feel is obvious. It is suitable for rough fabrics, such as denim, non-woven fabrics, and linen

DTF Powder
DTF Powder

Anti-stretch DTF Powder

This powder is very fine, easy to melt, the transfer finished product is stretch-resistant, suitable for stretch fabrics

Anti-sublimation DTF powder

Using to block clothing colors or patterns that may be visible through transfer. easy to melt, Suitable for dark fabrics

DTF Powder
DTF Powder

Breathable DTF powder

Breathable DTF powder provides a more breathable print with a smooth feel and softness

Breathable VS Normal DTF Powder

Breathable DTF powder is fine and easy to melt. The finished product after transfer is breathable and suitable for all fabrics. Compared with normal DTF powder, the transfer printing has no gelatinous feeling, soft hand feeling, and more comfortable to wear!

DTF Powder
DTF Powder

What Happens If Poor Quality Hot Melt Powder Is Used?

Uneven color, whitening distortion

The printed color is uneven, the color is inconsistent with the original image, and is seriously distorted.

Heat transfer effect is wet, with bubbles cracking and lamination

Affect the drying effect, the printed film will be wet, and bubbles and lamination will be generated between the pattern and the PET film.

Use inferior transfer film so the color is not firm and if wash will fade

It will affect the adhesion effect of the printed pattern, the transfer effect is not firm, it will crack after washing, and it can even be torn by hand.

More than Just T-Shirts

Suitable for almost all types of fabrics. Works on both white and dark textiles. No pre-treatment is required.

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