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How To Save And Store UV Printing Ink?

Manufacturers who use UV printers as production equipment know that UV printers must use special UV inks, and the price of normal one-liter UV printer ink is generally 250-500RMB, compared with Eco-solvent ink or water-based ink, the price of UV ink is a considerable expense in the industrial printing industry. If you can save UV ink effectively in the printing production process, and properly store UV ink, the waste of UV ink will be greatly reduced.
So how to effectively avoid unnecessary waste of UV curable ink when UV printing? And how to properly store UV ink during the usual using UV printers? Today we are going to learn about it.

How To Effectively Save UV ink?

Because starting the UV printer every time, the equipment must self-check, which is not only time-consuming, but also accompanied by cleaning the nozzles and filling the ink in the ink delivery system, and the above will lead to a certain amount of ink waste. Therefore, it is best to control the UV printer to switch on and off only once a day.

Some UV printers are equipped with the function of automatic flash spraying and moisturizing. The printer itself only flashes according to the natural frequency, and it is difficult to adjust according to the surrounding environment, temperature, humidity and other specific environmental conditions. In fact, such flash spraying is often unnecessary, this will cause a lot of waste.

Select the print mode according to your needs. The UV flatbed printer can set different printing modes, and the UV ink consumption in different modes is different. Therefore, when printing, it is necessary to analyze the actual printing materials, times, precision, and uses, so as to select an appropriate printing mode.

How To Store UV ink?

UV flatbed printer ink is irritating, so the ink should not be placed in a conspicuous place to avoid accidents caused by accidental touch by non-workers, especially children.
If you accidentally get the ink on your eyes or skin, wash it off with water immediately. If the situation is more serious, you should immediately go to the hospital. It’s important to store LED UV ink, but the UV ink has expiration time, and cannot store for long time. Therefore, in the production process, you should purchase UV ink reasonably according to your production volume, and use it as soon as possible.

The invisible UV ink should be sealed and stored. The ink composition is particularly volatile. The ink that has not been used or the ink that is not used temporarily should be tightened and the bottle cap should be tightly sealed. Notice: Don’t let the dust and debris in the air fall into the bottle. If the nozzle is damaged due to the ink with debris, the loss will be great.

The location should not be directly exposed to the sun, and should be placed in a relatively dark place. The black opaque bottle is also to avoid light, so the ink should be placed in a cool backlight, packed in a carton or other material container, and stored separately to avoid The accumulation of debris, so as not to cause damage caused by the backlog. For safety reasons, do not place some flammable and explosive items around the storage environment.

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