How to place the film roll correctly?

How to place the film roll correctly?

1.The main components:

1)Paper feeding direction control button

2)Tension control fastening screws

3)Film roll holder

2.Place the film onto the film roll holder. Make sure that the adjusted positions of both ends of the take-up reel align with the ends of the printing area

3.Feed the film through. Make sure these pinch rollers are in the center of the film. Make sure the film is free of slack and then lock the lever.

4.Connect the plug to the printer

5.When the button of the reel is at 0 position, the reel does not rotate.

When the button is at I position, the take-up reel rotates forward and releases the film.

When the button is at position II, the take-up reel rotates reverse and tightens the film.

6.Unscrew both ends of the take-up reel. Make sure the tightness of both ends of the film is consistent, and press the paper feeding direction control button to II under normal working conditions.

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