Comparison Between UV STAR-III & Other Brands UV Printer

Which UV printer brand is good? In fact, this is impossible to say, the key is the performance of the equipment and after-sales service! These two points are the focus of your attention, and the one that suits your needs is the best! Good equipment determines your production efficiency, and good after-sales service guarantees your production cost!

Whether the suction fan is a fan or a blower? UV lamp air cooling or water cooling? Siphon ink supply or positive and negative pressure ink supply? The one suits you most is important.

Basic Standards Of Brand UV Printer Manufacturer:

UV STAR-III VS Other Brands UV Flatbed Printer

With the merits of high-quality printing effect, some famous big brands like Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, Ricoh’s UV Printers are very popular abroad. But its price and original consumables are expensive as we all know. Therefore, SUBLISTAR maybe can be a good choice for you. Our flatbed UV printer STAR-III has high performance, stable printing quality, but low processing cost.


 Sublistar UV STAR-IIIMimaki UJF-6042MkII EMutoh VJ-626UFRoland VersaUV LEF200
List Price$12,222 $39,996 $27,995 $25,995 
Max Print Area24″ x 35.4″24″ x 16.5″23″ x 19″20″ x 13″
Max Print Height7.1″6″5.9″3.94″
Printer Weight397 lbs.331 lbs.265 lbs.242.5 lbs.
Print Heads3411
Ink Channels4888
Head TypeEpsonToshiba TecEpsonEpson
Drop Size5 – 12.5pl6 – 42pl1.5 – 21pl1.5 – 21pl
Print HeadConsumableIndustrialConsumableConsumable
Capping StationConsumableIndustrialConsumableConsumable
InterfaceEthernet Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0EthernetEthernet
UV LED CuringYesYesYesYes
Vacuum BedYes YesYesYes
Bed MovementBeam LiftBall ScrewBall ScrewBall Screw
Automatic Height SensorYesYesYesYes
Control PanelNoFull Color LCDMono-colorMono-color
White CirculationYesYesN/AN/A


Have Secondary ink cartridge in UV printer? Is the ink directly pass the ink cartridges to the ink dampers?

Balanced ink supply is a stable ink supply mode for near 20 years. It seldom causes problems. Even if there are problems, customers can easily solve them by themselves.

Is the suction platform zoned?

First of all, our UV-Star-III printer this model belongs to a small non-industrial flatbed printer, 60cm * 90cm worktable, adopts six fans without zoned suction, that is, overall suction. There is no need to partition suction, and one high-power fan is enough. Generally, suction platform parts are easy to break down, normally the industrial flabed UV printer is suitable for suction platform zoned.

Soft ink or hard ink for our UV printer?

Both soft and hard UV ink can be used on our UV flatbed printer, normally we use hard UV ink for UV DTF printing.

Is LED Light Air-cooled or water-cooled? Which one is better?

First of all, there is no doubt that water cooled is good, but why does sublistar choose air cooled? It mainly based on the machine size and cost. Water-cooling requires a waterpump, which affects the beauty and occupies space; exists the risk of breakdown, and increases the cost. Water pump is usually used for large UV printers, and it produces more heat, which can cool down quickly. Compared with industrial UV printers, our small printers have slow printing speed, low power of UV lamps, which doesn't need water pump. UV lamps are imported from Japan and durable. Besides, air cooling of small flatbed UV printer is simple, easy to maintain, and it helps you reduce cost and breakdown rate.

Can change the appearance of UV lamp configuration?

Some customers complain that there are many lines of nozzle holder and UV lamp. This is a normal, because this design has been working for ten years---with the merits of stable and safe.

Suction platform device: Fan vs Suction pump?

Our UV flatbed printer equipped with 6 fans. For small flatbed UV machines, the film material is thin,and the worktable is small. There is no need to use air suction pump, using fan for suction which can save cost and reduce noise. Generally, the air suction pump is suitable for industrial large-scale flatbed UV machine.

Why not using positive-negative pressure ink supply?

Compared with Meiyin UV printer, it uses xp600 nozzles, instead of Epson printhead. Epson nozzles have tiny spray holes and are not suitable for positive and negative pressure ink supply. The negative pressure system is only suitable for industrial nozzles on large UV printers. Non-industrial nozzles using negative pressure ink supply is not a wise idea, because it takes up much space, has complex process program, creates high noise and have high failure rate. Generally, industrial uv machines like Ricoh G5 nozzles will use positive and negative pressure ink supply.

On-Demand Printing on One or Many Items

UV flatbed printer is a high-tech full-color digital printing machine without plate making. It is not limited by materials. It can print colorful pictures on glass, different signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, etc. The colors are bright and rich, the operation is simple and convenient, and the printing speed is fast.

UV DTF Printer
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