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UV DTF Printer Parameter

Print Head: EPSON I1600-U1
Max Print Size: 600mm*900mm
Max Speed: 8m2/h
Ink Type: ECO-UV Curing Ink

DTF Printer Parameter

Print Head: Dual Epson PrecisionCore™ I3200/4720 print heads.
Max Print Size: 600mm Print Width.
Print Speed: 15-20m2/h

Similarities and Differences between UV DTF Printers and DTF Printers

UV DTF Printer
DTF printer

Similarities of These Two Machines

Although these two machines have different names, they are have same printing process of printing on the film. Both DTF printer and UV DTF printers print on PET film first, and both types of printing require a transfer step.

Differences of These Two Machines Working Process

UV DTF Printer Working Process

Step 1

Install AB Film

Step 2

Upload Images

Step 3

Printing and Laminating

Step 4

Pasting and Peel the Film

DTF Printer Working Process

Step 1

Software Process Design

Step 2

Printing the Pattern

Step 3

Shake Powder

Step 4

Oven Drying

Step 5

Hot Press

Step 6

Peel off the Film from the Fabric

Two Different ways to laminate films


UV DTF printers, on the other hand, print the logos/patterns/stickers (or crystal stickers) on the A film first. The patterns on A film will be laminated to B film using a laminator (and adhesive) (transfer film). After you’ve completed the preceding steps, press the transfer film against the item you want to transfer to for a second, then tear it off and finish transferring.

UV DTF Printer: Press with fingers. UV DTF printing necessitates the above-mentioned laminating technique. After that, all you have to do is press and tear out B film with your fingers to complete the transfer.

Two Different Ways to Peel off

DTF Printer: Press with heat press machine. To transfer your design on fabric or other substrates, DTF printers require hot-melt adhesive powder and a heat press machine. DTF printers are also better at printing on textiles and leather. While DTF printers are only to print patterns on the PET films, they don’t need to prepare the two kind of films.

Different Applications of Two Machines

DTF printing can transfer any kind of image including artwork, photographs, logos, designs, and more to fabric, which is not only limited to apparel. 

DTF Printer

UV DTF printers have a variety of uses. 

led uv printing

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