What’s the Difference Between All Kinds of Epson Printheads?

In printers, the print head is the core of speed, resolution, and longevity. Nowadays, for inkjet printer industry development, Epson printhead has become the choice of most people for the wide format printers because of their technical advantages. But are you confused with so many options?  Here we focus on comparing Epson print heads, including: Epson dx5, dx7, xp600, TX800, Epson 5113, I3200, S3200, L1440, S800-S1 and I1600 to help you make a decision quickly.

Suitable for textile printer print head

EPSON 5113

When using water-based ink, the 5113 is a substitute for the dx5 print head, but the 4720 print head is increasingly replaced by its abundant supply and ink compatibility.

The 5113 nozzles on the market have unlock, one lock, two locks, and three locks. All locks need to be used with a decryption card to be compatible with the printing board.

Nowadays epson 5113 heads have been discontinued and locked in the market. Replaced by the 4720 nozzle.

Epson I3200-A1

The Epson 4720 printhead is almost the same as the Epson 5113 printhead in appearance, specifications and performance, but due to its economical price and availability, it has won many customers’ favor. What’s more, 5113 heads have been discontinued and locked in the market. The 4720 nozzle almost replaced the 5113 nozzle in the sublimation printer.

Beginning in January 2020, Epson launched the I3200-A1 print head, which is a 3200 print head authorized by Epson. This print head is no longer used as a 4720 print head with a decryption card. The accuracy and life of the print head are 20-30% higher than the previous 4720 print head. So when you buy the 4720 nozzle or 4720 nozzle machine, please pay attention to the nozzle equipment, the old 4720 nozzle or I3200-A1 nozzle.

Epson S3200

The lastes Epson S3200 or Mona Lisa print head, with a print width of 4.73 inches (120.2 mm).

At present, Epson S3200 series nozzles have two models, namely: S3200-U1 (UV/ECO: oil-based nozzles) and S3200-A1 (water-based nozzles);

Compared with traditional Kyocera sprinklers, it still has a big advantage. The cost-effectiveness of the I3200 print head is still the highest, and the advantages of the new print head are still obvious.

Suitable for Eco solvent printer, UV Printher, DTG Printer printheads

Epson I3200-U1 HD

Epson I3200-U1HD

Epson I3200-U1HD is a cost-effective 1.33 inch-wide providing higher nozzle resolution up to 2400 dpi, text and line art is extremely sharp and clear. Especially used for UV ink printing. 

With up to 8 rows of ink supply channels, more free color configuration is possible. By arranging the same colors in the vicinity, the accuracy of placement is improved and more high-definition image quality is realized.

Epson I1600-U1

Epson I1600 is a cost-effective 1.33-inch-wide MEMS head series providing high productivity and high image quality with 600 dpi high-density resolution, meeting various customer needs, high durability, and prolonging the life of the printer. Supports high drop printing up to 9mm at the same time.

Epson I1600 print head

Epson DX7

DX7 printheads were once popular as a substitute for DX5, but due to the shortage of supply and encryption printheads on the market. There are fewer and fewer machines using dx7 print heads. The only new print head on the market today is the second locked dx7 print head. In 2015 or earlier, the production of Dx7 unlocking and first locking heads has been discontinued.

Epson DX5

DX5 is the most stable, most commonly used, and most recognized print head on the market. However, due to insufficient supply and demand, the price is too high. Therefore, it is gradually replaced by XP600 in economical digital printers.


Epson TX800

TX800 print head is a replacement for XP600, but it is a pity that Epson has discontinued this model. As a result, many people in the market use TX800, and the price rises rapidly.

Epson XP600

The XP600 print head released around 2018, which has a 6-channel head, designed as an economical water-based printhead, the life of the head is about 3-6 months.
The color saturation of the xp600 will be worse than that of the DX5 and i3200. However, its price is very cheap, its stability is moderate, and it is widely accepted by the market. It is mainly used for small environmentally friendly solvent ink printers, or 1.6-1.8 width roll UV printers, 6040 or 9060 size flatbed UV printers.

The speed of xp600 is 10-20% slower than DX5. (DX5 4pass prints 12-15 square meters/hour, XP600 4pss prints 10-12 square meters/hour).

If properly maintained, the xp600 printhead can use 60-80% of the life of the dx5 printhead, and the price is only a quarter of the DX5.

Epson L1440

Epson L1440

MACH (Multi Layer ACtuator Head) technology can realize high precision and high density (360npi / 2 rows). Possible to arrange the printhead width direction in a miniaturization manner when using a staggered arrangement. Ink ejection with 4 colours at 360 dpi/colour or 8 colours at 180 dpi/colour is possible.

Epson S800-S1

The S800-S1 is equipped with only one chip. Its compact design helps to improve productivity in printing environments where space is limited. It supports support oil-based, solvent, and other types of inks for digital printing applications in production printing.

Epson S800-s1

Compare Epson Most Popular Print Heads

Ink TypesWaterbased ink, eco-solvent ink, UVEco-solvent ink, UVWater based inkWater based ink,solvent ink, UV
Size(width x depth x height)(mm)106×49.7×41.784.9×57.2×42.669.1×59.4×35.6150.4×30.4×52.0
Nozzle Numbers1440108032003200
Length Between Nozzles(inch)1801801/300(in one row)1/300
Nozzle Row8row6row8row2row
Max color/head8colors(180dpi/color)6colors(180dpi/color)4colors2colors(300dpi)
Resolution180npi/row 360dpi/2 row180npi/row 360dpi/2row300npi/1row 600npi/2row300npi/1row 600npi/2row
Effective Printing Width(mm)25.425.433.8120.2
Jet Freqency(kHz)43(single dot), 14.4(multi dot)46(single dot),11.52(multi dot)43.2(single dot), 21.6(multi dot)48(single dot), 24(multi dot)
Ink Drops(pl)3.8-7-14-224.5-9-20-403.8-6-12(9.4)3.3-7-12
Ink Viscosity(mPa.s)4~53~53~43~4

Compare Epson Most Popular Print Heads

ModelEpson 5113Epson DX7 Epson TX800Epson I1600Epson L1440Epson S800-S1
Ink Typeswater-based ,
eco-solvent mild solventEco-solvent,
Size(width x depth
x height)(mm)
920*730*420mm60.4 x 46.9 x 71.1 84.9 x 57.2 x 42.669.1×59.4×35.660.4×46.9×71.158.1×8.3×33.8
Nozzle Numbers32001440108016001440800
Length Between Nozzles
Nozzle Row886482
Max color/head486481
(180npi x 2 rows)
180 npi /row
360 npi/2 rows
Effective Printing
Jet Freqency(kHz)43.2(single dot),
21.6(multi dot)
846(single dot);
11.52(multi dot)
43.2(single dot),
21.6(multi dot)
40(single dot),
20(multi dot)
48(single dot),
24(multi dot)
Ink Drops(pl)
Ink Viscosity

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