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How About Our Heat Press Calender & How To Choose It?


With the grow up for sublimation printing business, we all know that heat press calender are important to a sublimation printing manufacture, it will directly effect your selling products like the clothes or home textile images. Today let we discuss what should we do under the heat and press of the calendaring unit.

Under the heat and pressure of the heat press calendaring unit, the solid dye on the printed transfer paper is converted to a gas and penetrates into the fabric. The dye heat press on the fibers of the fabric which makes the colors quite durable, wash-resistant, and colorfast.


heat press
heat press

If you use a heat press calender rather than a flatbed heat press, you may need to use a protection paper to protect the fabric and the rollers of the calender. As we know, that the fabric and transfer paper come into the roller heat transfer machine from the top side of the roller and come out from the bottom side, which is convenient for worker’ soperating. It can print both roll to roll and piece fabric.

The working table is double-deck, with conveyor. And the conveyor is within dependent motor. So that you can control the moving of the conveyor. Convenient for both roll and piece fabric.

The main roller of sublimation heat press calender is precise vertical finishing processing, com-pared with the traditional horizontal finishing, it can reduce earth gravity, so that the roller is not easy deformation and better keep level with the whole machine.Also with a long life time. And the roller is double-deck, which is better for heating and the temperature is evener.

The oil drum adopt temperature cycling system which makes the surface temperature of the drum is even and precise. Machine with pneumatic extro pressure strengthen device, which can give extro pressure to blanket when printing thick fabrics

If you are just starting out on the heat press scene, then getting a starter heat transfer press is the one for you. This heat press machine is an affordable way to start a small imprint fabric business, according to Sign Warehouse. These presses are not designed for high volume production. They are simple to use and can be compact, meaning they don’t take up a lot of space.

These heat transfer presses are rugged and versatile. This one is the perfect middle ground when you need a step up from the beginner. The intermediate level heat presses are larger than the beginner. It has a simpler design than the professional model but is still reliable and productive.

This type of heat press is made for high production volumes. It is not as user-friendly as the beginner or intermediate level, as they take a little more practice. They are very precise and reliable, as one would expect from a professional grade model. They also offer a great amount of versatility, so you can use it for just about anything.


calender heat press
calender heat press


When choosing a heat press, try to keep in mind what exactly you need the machine for. Whether you are a beginner, at the intermediate level, or a professional, your skill level as well as your need will help you determine which type of heat transfer press is right for you.

Associated with professional dye-sublimation production, the oil drum version is a more expensive calendar press that needs an air compressor to run it. Available in mid-to-high volume production models, they range from shop-sized to industrial-sized presses. The oil in their drums takes longer to heat up than the air in their electrical counterparts, but they maintain heat far better over long periods of time and ensure much better heat-pressing consistency.


sublimation heat press
sublimation heat press

Unlike the other heat presses illustrated in this post, calender presses don’t have heat blocks. Instead, they use oil or electrically heated drums to heat transfer from a printed roll of paper onto polyester fabric – the roll of paper is attached calendar press to the press and fed through with the fabric. calendar press Average-sized calender presses are available in working widths of around 65″ to 70.9″. Some are simple roll-fed designs and others are designed to enable pre-cut fabric pieces to be fed through individually. Large-format, oil drum calender press by Sublistar with feed table its the ideal for feeding individual pieces.

Calender heat presses are ideal for users who want to specialize in cut and sew apparel and soft-signage. They cannot be used, however, to press rigid substrates. Prices vary a great deal and much of the cost is based on whether it’s electric or oil based and on the size of the drum – a bigger drum means a higher cost. However, a bigger drum also means greater production and faster output. Unlike smaller heat presses, calender presses require a 240V electrical outlet with a double throw (2 pole) set-up.

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