How does DTG printer choose T-shirt fabric?

The DTG printer has been highly regarded by the market since its introduction. DTG printer has taken a place in direct-injection printing. We have all learned that DTG printer is applied to pure cotton fabrics. So do we understand the corresponding other knowledge?

First, let’s take a look at the regular weight of general T-shirts. Gram weight is usually used to express the thickness of the fabric. The heavier the weight, the thicker the clothes. The weight of a T-shirt is generally between 160 and 220 grams. Too thin will be very thorough. And too thick will be very stuffy. Generally, a weight between 180 and 280 grams is the best choice. Short sleeves are usually 180-220 grams thick, which is the appropriate thickness for wear. Long-sleeved T-shirts generally use 260 grams of fabric, which is a thicker type. So how to choose a more appropriate fabric for your DTG printer? Look at your business audience and product pricing.

Second, let’s understand what a branch number is. Definition: The standard weight is the length code number of a pound of cotton yarn. Coarse count yarn: pure cotton yarn with 18 counts or less, mainly used for weaving thick fabrics or piled looped cotton fabrics. Middle count yarn: 19-29 count pure cotton yarn. Mainly used for knitted garments with general requirements. Fine yarn: pure cotton yarn with 30-60 counts. Mainly used for high-grade knitted cotton fabrics. The higher the count, the softer the T-shirts are generally 21 and 32.

1 What is carding?

T-shirt cotton yarn can be divided into ordinary carded yarn and combed yarn. Carded yarn: refers to the yarn spun by the carded spinning process, also called uncombed yarn. Combed yarn: refers to the yarn produced by using high-quality cotton fiber as raw material and adding a combing process to that of carded yarn during spinning. The surface of the fabric is relatively neat and soft to the touch.


2 What is wool erosion treatment?

Wool erosion treatment is also called singeing treatment. The characteristic of this treatment is that the hair formed on the surface of the yarn needs to be removed, mainly uncoated fibers and protruding fibers. Only in this way can the fabric be cleaner and more beautiful. Achieve the effect of making the fabric smoother and more uniform in color. So as to print clear and fine patterns. If you have to choose DTG printer for direct injection, remember to adjust the position of the DTG printer nozzle to prevent clogging.

3 What are the advantages of pure cotton fabrics? Why add elastic fiber?

Pure cotton fabric has the characteristics of good hand feeling, comfortable wearing, environmental protection and easy wrinkling. Adding a small amount of spandex can significantly improve the physical properties of the fabric, greatly increase the elasticity of the fabric. While maintaining the texture and comfort of pure cotton. In addition, adding spandex at the neckline can prevent the neckline from slack and deform and maintain the lasting elasticity of the neckline. This category is the main printing object of our DTG printer.

4 How many kinds of T-shirt fabrics are there?

(1) Ordinary pure cotton fabric

Casual T-shirts are usually made of pure cotton fabrics. Which are comfortable to wear, but slightly less crisp. Easy to wrinkle and deform easily after entering water. This kind of clothes need to be ironed frequently. If DTG printer is used for printing, avoid the printing position when ironing is needed.

(2) Mercerized cotton fabric

Mercerized cotton fabric is made of ordinary pure cotton fabric, which makes T-shirts comfortable to wear. Mercerized cotton fabric is a high-quality mercerized yarn made of cotton as raw material by worsted spinning, singeing, mercerizing and other special processes to produce bright, soft, and wrinkle-resistant high-quality mercerized yarn.

The high-quality knitted fabric made of this material not only retains the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton. But also has the characteristics of silky luster, soft texture, moisture absorption, air permeability, good elasticity, and good sag. In addition, the color is rich, and the wearing is comfortable and casual, which fully reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer.

(3) Pure cotton double mercerized fabric

Pure cotton double mercerized fabric is a “double burnt double silk” pure cotton product. It uses mercerized yarn made by singeing and mercerizing as raw material, using CAD computer-aided design system and CAM computer assistance.  The production system can quickly weave the designed pattern fabric. After singeing and mercerizing the grey fabric again. Then a series of finishings, this high-end knitted fabric is produced with clear textures, novel patterns, bright luster and hand feeling. Smooth, better than mercerized cotton, but because of two mercerizing finishing, the price is slightly more expensive.

(4) Ultra-high count yarn pure cotton fabric

This kind of fabric is rarely used by enterprises. Because the price is very expensive, the price of pure cotton T-shirt fabric with 120 yarns is as high as 170 yuan per kilogram. While the price of pure cotton T-shirt fabric with 200 yarns is even higher, reaching more than 3,000 a kilogram. And the kind of 250 yarns The pure cotton T-shirt fabric needs 1800 pounds. These high costs have discouraged many companies, mainly high-end luxury jewelry at home and abroad.

In summary, so many fabrics are dazzling, I don’t know how to choose. But I believe you have rich experience and unique vision in this field. You must also have your own business category. And have corresponding advantages in a certain time and space. Choosing our DTG printer can help your business better. Our professional service and high-quality service will bring you a very good experience.

The whole process of DTG printer printing: bright colors, transitional colors, no printing, plate making, direct output, fast speed, energy saving and environmental protection. At present, T-shirt direct-injection printing is a new trend and trend. If you need to combine traditional screen printing technology. It is brilliant and has unlimited prospects. In this regard, Sublistar’s DTG printer can be said to help you better develop your business.

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