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How Has The DTF Transfer Paper Test Progressed Recently?

Since the DTF transfer paper came out, Sublistar has carried out corresponding promotion work. Some merchants who have used DTF printers began to be excited and tested for placing orders.

Today we mainly do the comparative test of DTF PET film and DTF paper. It mainly depends on the performance of the two in the various indicators of the transfer.

First, select the basic indicators for testing DTF PET film and DTF transfer paper. In this experiment, we selected a PET base film with a thickness of 75μm. For DTF paper, select 90-100g/m2. However, in fact, under the comparison of the basic indicators, such as thickness, grammage, whiteness, ink loading, inkjet surface deformation, and waste recycling, its performance is different.

Secondly, it is important to choose the right test image. This image must clearly highlight the sharp corners, small characters, color transitions, thin lines, and color blocks during transfer. Therefore, we have selected the following pictures as the sample pictures for this test.

DTF Transfer Paper

Again, because DTF PET film and DTF transfer paper are both consumables for DTF printers. So in the process of shaking the powder, which one is better in the situation of the hot melt powder adhesion between the two? Inkjet-printed DTF PET film and DTF paper roll may adhere to powder with smaller particle size when spraying hot melt powder. The formation of small white dots on dark fabrics by thermal transfer is very ugly. The adhesion of hot melt powder is related to the heat transfer media manufacturing process and also related to the environmental humidity. Under high humidity conditions, the cation concentration of the hot melt powder and the coating is Humidity is related, sticking hot melt powder in low humidity environment is often related to static electricity:

①The environment humidity is 80%RH, and the 100 mesh TPU hot melt powder that has not been classified and sieved (100 mesh is the median value of the normal distribution):

In the above picture, the left side is the black knitted fabric transferred by DTF PET film, and the right side is the black knitted fabric transferred by DTF paper. The next point is the remaining two consumables after transfer. In this test, under a 90% relative humidity environment, the DTF PET film has a relatively serious powder sticking situation, and DTF transfer paper hardly has such a situation.

②The environment humidity is 50%RH, and the 100 mesh TPU hot melt powder that has not been classified and sieved (100 mesh is the median value of the normal distribution):

Test situation:

In a 50% relative humidity environment, the heat transfer film A and B have no obvious stickiness, and the heat transfer paper has no stickiness.

Note: The 20% humidity test was not carried out due to a lack of corresponding test conditions and standards.

Then, we will test the water absorption capacity and ink absorption capacity.

Test method: heat transfer medium and absorbent paper are placed in a 40℃, 50%RH constant temperature, and humidity box for two hours; then test according to the “Determination of Water Absorption of Paper and Cardboard” GB/T1540-2002, due to DTF PET film and DTF transfer paper has poor water absorption, so use 70g double-adhesive paper and a steel rod to squeeze it again (the length of the steel rod is 400mm, the diameter is 9mm, and the weight is 240g).

DTF Transfer Paper

The test results show that: DTF PET film has twice the ink absorption capacity of DTF transfer paper, which can make the transfer image clearer and more beautiful.

Let’s look at the transfer color density test of DTF PET film and DTF transfer paper:

The test results show that the average color density of the medium-priced and high-priced DTF PET films on the market is 1.028; the color density of DTF transfer paper is 1.095. Visually, it can also be intuitively concluded that the color of the DTF transfer paper transfer fabric is relatively thick.

After the transfer, it is necessary to transfer the pattern on the garment fabric by a heat press, then the peel force test results of the two: apply the national standard GBT 2792-1981 pressure-sensitive adhesive tape 180° peel strength measurement method, and the heat transfer The printed DTF PET film and DTF transfer paper were tested for the peeling force of knitted fabrics. The results showed that the peeling force of DTF PET film was lighter; the peeling force of DTF transfer paper was higher, but the hand feeling was acceptable.

DTF Transfer PaperThe last step is: printing and electronic cutting test

One of the last important links of heat transfer is printing and electronic cutting. The printer test has flat sheet printing and roll printing. DTF PET film is suitable for roll printing, flat sheet film is easy to cause unstable paper, suitable for small printers, this kind of automation is low, labor-consuming, and low efficiency. DTF transfer paper does not have this kind of situation, no matter it is roll paper or sheet of paper, it can print normally.

DTF PET film is not suitable for electronic cutting due to slippage. DTF transfer paper can be electronically cut.

Evaluation summary:

The emergence of DTF transfer paper is due to the increased environmental protection requirements in Europe and other countries. In the future, the use of large-format DTF paper is the trend. At present, the production technology of DTF paper is not as mature as DTF PET film. But as time goes by and technology advances, DTF transfer paper will eventually be used as widely as today’s DTF PET film.

From the above evaluation, the ink carrying capacity and transfer color of DTF transfer paper will be more beautiful than DTF PET film. The adhesion of hot melt powder is also better for DTF paper. DTF paper can adapt to A3/A4 and other size films. Material printing and electronic cutting, heat transfer film is not suitable. The peeling force of DTF paper is a bit larger than that of heat transfer film. So, let us witness the growth of the DTF paper together!

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