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How Much U Know About Dye Sublimation Ink?

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Dye sublimation ink is to print the dye sublimation ink on the dye sublimation paper. By heating, the image can be produced on exquisite porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber, polyester cloth and other materials in the shortest time, with photo-level quality and color. Realistic, clear images, and can be stored forever, very suitable for personalized development market needs. Such as photo studios, scenic spots, souvenirs, handicrafts, clothing printing, printing and dyeing factory proofing, large-scale digital inkjet printing systems, color image thermal transfer banners, advertising flags, etc., are used more in SUBLISTAR sublimation printers and sublimation banner machines!

Dye-sublimation ink features: most of the dye-sublimation inks are prepared by disperse dyes for textiles. Because of its saturated color and good weather resistance, disperse dyes are widely used in textile printing and dyeing, and are still one of the main raw materials in the printing and dyeing industry. The traditional textile printing and dyeing industry has serious environmental pollution problems in the process of dyeing with dispersed pigments, and it is not suitable for small batch production. Sublimation ink is very useful.

Dye sublimation ink comparison: the transfer image has bright colors and rich layers, and its effect is comparable to printing. The difference is that the thermal transfer is to sublime the thermal transfer ink under high temperature and penetrate into the surface of the medium. After sublimation, The image can be formed. Therefore, no glue film will be formed on the surface of the medium, and the image will not fall off or crack, and it has strong light resistance and will not fade for a long time.

How to choose the sublimation ink correctly?

Dye sublimation ink transfers the image to the product mainly through the characteristics of dye sublimation, so the color reduction rate is more important. Generally, the reduction rate of imported ink can reach 90%, and basically the image on the heat transfer paper after transfer is close to white. Therefore, the color saturation of the image is very good, and the color is brighter. Secondly, the large-particle sublimation ink is likely to cause the phenomenon of printer plugging, and the produced product image is not delicate enough, and the granular shape can be clearly seen when viewed with a magnifying glass. Generally speaking, the domestic dye sublimation ink particles are larger than the imported dye sublimation ink particles, which causes the printer to read through and transfer the image not fine enough. The last problem should be something that everyone often encounters. Some low-quality sublimation inks are red and purple in black. For thermal transfer ink, black ink is the easiest to cast color, so when you choose, you can print a black patch first to transfer it and see if the color after transfer is black. This is also the most direct important indicator to distinguish the pros and cons of thermal transfer sublimation inks. Thermal transfer consumable inks are divided into three categories, one is domestic ink, the other is imported ink, and the other is domestic production of imported materials. Domestic ink is the domestic production of domestic raw materials. As for imported ink, it is divided into sublimation ink imported from the United States, sublimation ink imported from South Korea and sublimation ink imported from Italy. The other is the domestic production of imported raw materials from our sublistar Ink. Imported thermal transfer inks are incomparable to domestic inks in terms of color reduction, saturation and fineness. The only advantage of domestic sublimation inks is price comparison. Low, can satisfy some customers who are not very demanding on product quality. At the same time, it is also recommended that customers choose the ink specified by the machine manufacturer when using ink!
Dye sublimation ink has the characteristics of complete chromatogram, bright color, good color strength, color fastness, washing degree above 4.5, good ink fluency, no toxic side effects, no pollution, and environmental protection.

dye sublimation ink

Why using Printer factory original sublimation ink?

Many customers will be told to use the manufacturer’s original ink when purchasing our SUBLISTAR sublimation printer, and it is best not to buy ink by yourself. This kind of situation is very common, and sometimes customers may wonder if the manufacturer is asking for such a huge profit. In fact, this is not the case, the following will explain to you why you should use the machine’s own original ink.
Choose the manufacturer’s original ink, which has good color reproduction and good color saturation. It has a high matching degree with the printer, so as to better ensure the color and quality of the printer. The color difference between the printed output image and the original design is small, achieving a very good color performance. The ink has good fluency and is not affected by temperature. It has good performance in different climates. It is not easy to print and break when printing for a long time. It has stable printing performance, good adhesion, and fast dry. It has good weather resistance, green environmental protection, effectively protects the print head, ensures the printing quality of the picture, and improves the drying speed of the picture at the same time. Using the original ink of the printer, the printer’s inkjet printing output media is more compatible.

The reason why I recommend you to use your own original ink is naturally that there are many benefits to using original ink. Everyone knows that nozzle clogging is a failure that many friends have encountered, and most of this failure is because users are greedy for cheap and choose other Unknown inferior ink, and these inks are not as pure as the original ink, and the impurities contained in it will naturally cause the nozzle to block. The ink of SUBLISTAR printer manufacturer has passed strict various index tests from development to production to ensure that it will not block the nozzle. If you buy other inks from the market, the manufacturer cannot guarantee that the seller’s ink quality is not defective, and of course, it is not guaranteed to be applicable to the customer’s corresponding printer. The user is also responsible for the adverse consequences caused. In addition, from a cost point of view, the price of a printer nozzle is relatively high. If you break the nozzle just to save a little ink money, then the gain will not be worth the loss. In severe cases, the customer’s order may be delayed, and there will be a loss. It’s even more serious.

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