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How to Avoid Blurry Results in Sublimation Transfer Printing?

Even the experienced sublimation workers are inevitably to meet some common problems when they do subliamtion transfer printing, and ghost effect or fuzzy efftct are the most common phenomena. You are disappointed to find that the patterns are blurry and fuzzy in its margin. There are a bunch of reasons to lead this problem. This article will show you how to fix and avoid it when you use sublimation printer next time.

For flat heat press machine:

Flat heat press machie is widely used in flat materials, such as cushions, cardboard and clothes. During the transfer process, the dye sublimates into the gas and be solidified into fabric, so does the water vapor in the air. As a result, the final pattern becomes lighter or has water streak on its surface due to the excessive water vapor. How to slove the excessive water vapor? It’s easy to fix it. You can find a piece of absorbent cloth to absorb the water before you sublimate things and change it timely. In this way, you have to keep the room dry, with humidity under 60%. There is another reason that may lead to ghost effect, which is secondary transfer. How does it happen? Sometimes, the sublimation paper adhered to the flat press machine due to static electricity or something. You put down the press machine and the ghosting appears, because the paper is flat and won’t bend at once. Under the high temperature, the secondary transfer occurs. How to solve this problem. Here are some tips for you.
Firstly, you can slow down the transfer speed. Adjusting the speed control valve can slow down the lifting speed of pressure plate. Upon slowing down the lifting up speed, the paper won’t be easily adhered to the fabric.
Secondly, Preventing from adhesion of paper, you can sprinkle some water at four corners of the sublimation transfer paper before heat transfer.
Thirdly, use big sublimation paper that is larger than the fabric. When the paper covers up the fabric, the paper may not be sucked up by the cloth according to the electrostatic effect. All the elements in their right position, the ghosting effect will not appear.
Fourthly, you can buy special adhesive transfer paper to take place the normal sublimation paper, which is the most efficient way to deal with the problem. Due to the glue of adhesive transfer paper, the paper will definitely be sticked to the fabric however the paper and fabric are sucked up and down. As a result, there is no chance to generate the situation of paper displacement and phosting.

sublimation printing

For Rotary Heat Press Machine:

Problems caused by sublimation ruffled paper.
Sometimes, the ghosting appears when different colors overlap together. The first transfer color will be squeezed to second color because the sublimation paper moves inward under the printing pressure. Then some color prints will be left and next color goes, which will cause colors overlapping. This kind of situation appears in the margin of the papers instead of the middle. How to fix it? You can slightly dry the paper before starting heat transfer to make sure you get a smooth surface which is easy to transfer.

The failure to reset the blanket, resulting in ghosting. It is assumed that the pressure between rollers is too big or the roller radius is not right. In that case, the adhesive tape will produce great displacement under the friction of the embossing surface. It cannot be completely reset after each transfer, resulting in ghosting. Tips: change the lining data of plate cylinder and rubber cylinder to meet the demand of synchronous rolling, and reduce the printing pressure on the premise of ensuring ink transfer.
Besides horizontal and longitudinal ghosting, there is another one called irregular ghosting. It happens when cylinder work for a long time with inaccurately installation and parts of machine have been worn. After long time usage, you need to pay attention to its daily maintenance. After a while, the printing quality of your sublimation transfer printing product will have impressive improved.

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