How To Avoid Minor Problems Encountered When Using The DTF Printer?

Anyone who owns a DTF printer knows that a slight irregularity in daily operation may cause the machine to fail to operate normally. You know, the price of a machine is not cheap. If the machine parts are damaged, the construction period will be delayed and the order process will be affected. So how can we avoid these small problems? If it cannot be avoided, how can it be solved?

The first point is that when we received the machine, we had already installed the machine. This is to prevent customers from not installing the machine in advance. How to use cleaning fluid correctly in normal operation.

After the customer receives the machine from our side, he must communicate with the sales in a timely manner. Do not do it yourself to prevent a certain pipeline from being mistaken, which may cause the machine to fail to operate normally. In addition, the machine needs to use cleaning fluid to clean the wiper blade and ink pad regularly every week. Please use professional cleaning fluid, do not use alcohol for cleaning. Alcohol has a slight corrosive effect on the scraper.

After the machine has been used for a quarter or half a year, remember to clean the pipeline. Due to prolonged contact with ink, there will be deposits on the tube wall, which will affect the flow rate of the ink. The cleaning fluid can strongly clean the attachments, which can effectively solve the attachments. In addition, although we have done electrostatic treatment on the DTF printer, there will still be dust sticking to the surface of the ink head. If the sticking is allowed for a long time, it will cause the ink holes to be sprayed obliquely and clogged. In severe cases, damage the nozzle. Therefore, cleaning the ink pad regularly and dripping moisturizing liquid after cleaning can effectively moisturize the print head.

DTF printheads

Before the DTF printer is running, observe whether there are accumulated items above and around the DTF printer. Put all the accumulations in other places, not on the machine. And check whether the environment around the machine is clean and sanitary. At the same time, check the ink position every day and add ink in time. Although there is an ink shortage alarm, if the ink cartridge is in the ink supply state for a long time, it is necessary to add ink in time. Otherwise, the ink tube can easily draw air in.

Some people may have questions. To prevent ink shortage when the machine is running, fill up the ink. Is this way ok? Of course not, our current DTF printers are all continuous ink supply systems. If they are all full, the air pressure in the ink cartridge is not enough. The ink cannot flow automatically to the small ink cartridge. This is the illusion that the ink is full but there is a lack of ink. Secondly, if the ink is added, the printing will appear dripping. Finally, pay attention not to get the color wrong when adding ink.

Secondly, before using the DTF printer to print the design pattern, you need to check whether the two sides of the DTF printer are parallel and whether the pressure sheet is accurately pressed on the two edges of the DTF PET film or DTF transfer paper. Because once the paper is shifted, it will cause the design of the entire film to be printed out of place, uneven printing, waste of time, and cost. It causes unnecessary waste and does not meet the current environmental protection emission standards.

DTF ink system

The next thing to note is that you need to regularly check the ink pump, ink pad, and ink cartridge of the DTF printer. If the ink pump stops rotating or the speed does not meet the demand for ink supply. Because the ink supply motor will continue to run, in this state, if the ink cartridge is short of ink or because it is in the ink supply state for a long time, it must be replaced in time. At the same time, check whether the ink pad is loose. If there is any looseness, it needs to be fixed in time. Otherwise, it is easy to scratch the print head and affect normal operation.

Then, after the printer shuts down, restore the printer nozzle to the original starting position in time. This can avoid the need to clean the nozzle again when the machine is turned on next time. Washing the nozzle once will consume a lot of ink, which causes unnecessary waste. And the nozzle can be sealed with a protective cover in the original position. The protected nozzle is not easy to be blocked, which can extend the use time of the nozzle and the printer. This saves a lot of ink and time to a certain extent. Can obtain greater economic benefits.

In daily work, some employees neglect to train common sense. When the DTF printer was not completely shut down, the power and the network cable were turned off. This is very easy to damage the printer’s print port and PC motherboard. As a result, machine parts need to be replaced, resulting in unnecessary losses.

Finally, no matter which DTF printer is used, it is impossible not to fail. Even for some big brands, various problems will arise. But if we discover and solve problems before they occur, we can take precautions before they happen. This can reduce production costs. Enterprises will get more benefits.

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