How To Calculate The UV Printer Cost

UV printer cost

The UV printer cost depends on the customer’s own needs. If the products that customers need to print on are small, they can choose a small A3 flatbed UV printer. Furthermore, the cost can be controlled by several thousand. Customers with moderate output and slightly larger products can choose medium-sized machines such as Sublistar flatbed UV printing machines, and the cost could be higher with better UV printing service. If they need to print a large number of products, they can choose the 2513 or even larger or one-pass printing equipment, and the UV printer cost will be higher.


1. The UV printer cost

The UV printer cost is an essential factor that almost every entrepreneur cares about, and it’s a troublesome problem. Let’s take the use of UV flatbed printers as an example. The cost of using a UV printer includes many parts:


2. Calculating UV printer cost during using

Labor cost.

UV printer cost

Although UV print machines are automated equipment, they also require at least one person because placing and recycling products, computer operation, and input instructions are all inseparable from labor. Labor costs vary by company and individual, but in any case, it will cost thousands of dollars a month.


The costs of a UV transfer printer ink during use.

Many customers have asked about the UV printer cost. What I want to tell you here is that the cost of its ink is related to several factors such as printing accuracy, the amount of printing at one time, and the printing time interval. For example, if you want to print medium-precision patterns or you want to print high-precision or embossed patterns, the cost difference may be several times. For another example, if you run the machine for 10 hours a day, or you only run it for 1-2 hours a day, there will also be a cost difference because the Flatbed UV Printer for sale machine itself does not automatically absorb ink when it is not in use. We can rely on such a formula to make a rough estimate. When you Print medium-precision 720*720dpi patterns, one liter of ink can be printed continuously and about 60 squares can be printed. For every order of magnitude increase, the printing area should be reduced by half.


UV transfer printer ink

Equipment power and electricity bills.

Equipment power and electricity

This is relatively small, but it is also one of the UV printer cost. For most a3 Flatbed UV Printer for sale, the power at work is probably less than 100w; while the power of large-scale machines is generally not more than 300w, which is relatively low.

Flatbed UV Printer maintenance and repair costs. Let’s talk about maintenance first. If you have ink on your machine, it will not be used after only one month of use. You know, you need to dismantle the nozzle to clean it and direct the ink from the tube into the cartridge. Because the ink itself is corrosive to a certain extent, as long as the ink is applied, even if it is not used, it will cause certain corrosive damage to the machine nozzle and ink tube. In addition to the maintenance cost, if you do not do regular operations and the ink splashes on the motherboard and damages the motherboard, which may cost more.


3. UV printer cost of startup failure.

UV printer cost of startup failure

Why bring this up? Because I have met a few customers, who failed to start a business after buying the equipment and wanted to trade these UV flatbed machines off. And we all know that whether it is a car, a table or chair, a computer or a mobile phone and other consumer goods, even if they are new when they are bought, they will be greatly discounted once they are sold for a second time.

Therefore, all entrepreneurs, have to think about the UV printer cost as well as what business they want to start, and have confidence in themselves. In addition, elements like sales volume and cost should also be considered. I hope that every entrepreneur can be successful in selling UV flatbed printers. In a word, let the equipment in hand help you realize your dream instead of dragging you down.


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