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How To Choose DTF Ink?

DTF ink

I believe that how to correctly choose the DTF ink for your DTF printers is a problem. This issue has troubled many customers and friends in the printing industry. White ink heat transfer printers generally use DTF white color ink, and DTF white color inks are also various in the market. So how do we choose the DTF ink that suits us? Today, the Sublistar DTF printer factory will explain to you how to correctly select the DTF ink for your direct to film printer.


The selection of high-quality DTF inks :

  1. The acidity and alkalinity of the Direct to film printer ink. For example, some metal parts of the pet film dtf printer will be corroded when they contact with the DTF printing supplies. So we recommend that you use printer ink with neutral pH.
  2. Observe the fluidity of the DTF ink. Buy some trial dtf inks and put them in the air, and observe whether there is any serious particle problem in one month, and then you can identify its fluidity.
  3. Pay attention to the surface tension of the DTF ink. The better the fluidity of the ink, the smaller the DTF ink tension, and the finer the printed graphic lines.
  4. Pay attention to the preservation of DTF inks. The indoor temperature and humidity of your printing environment should be strictly controlled. The minimum indoor temperature should not be lower than 18 ℃. For users in subtropical regions, after the temperature is raised, the indoor humidity should be controlled. Excessive humidity will make the DTF printed patterns not easy to dry, and the material will be easily damp, which will affect the printing precision and the post-processing of the pattern.

DTF printer

The DTF film is suitable for the vast majority of inks on the market, 100% DTF printer ink volume can completely meet your printing needs with no ink accumulation and no ink flow. After ironing, the pattern has a texture like PU glue, which has strong tensile resilience and no deformation. It feels softer than glue, and the surface of the film is dry, which can easily achieve hot tearing, warm tearing, and cold tearing. Therefore, the DTF transfer film printer can easily achieve the instant tearing effect.


DTF printer
DTF film

DTF film

The DTF ink can be divided into five varieties: K, C, M, Y, and W, which are suitable for all kinds of nozzles. What’s more, a DTF printer is suitable for EPSON DX5/DX7/5113/4720/XP600/i3200 nozzles. Furthermore, the colors of DTF ink are bright, the ink concentration is high, and the washing degree can reach 4 degrees. And the direct to film ink has good whiteness and covering power. But you need to pay attention to the following points: please shake well before use. It is recommended to increase stirring types of equipment to prevent possible precipitation if it is not used for a long time. DTF transfer film printing is suitable for almost any type of fabric. DTF transfer films can work on both white and dark textiles. And no pre-treatment is required during printing. Therefore, the direct-to-film printer is commonly used on products such as t-shirts, hats, backpacks, lanyards, shoes, and more to create unique fashion pieces. Furthermore, it can also be used in sportswear, cycling wear, and other products to make you more outstanding on the sports field.

DTF ink

DTF ink

The DTF printer solution is to print color and white paint ink on the heat transfer film, combined with the powder dusting process, to realize the production of textile heat transfer. The process is simple without hollowing and waste discharge. The Sublistar DTF printer mainly includes heat transfer printers, printing powder machines, and ironing machines. The overall solution has a low investment threshold, flexible control of inventory, and low cost. It is the first choice for a small investment and a large return.


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