How to Choose Print head for your Digital Printing Business?

Print heads are the most important part of the digital printer, but you may not think about them until you buy a new printer for your texture business. You will then face a choice between piezoelectric or sublimation printheads. Which is suitable for your application? Does it matter? Today, I will give you an introduction of print head. Printheads are complicated things, with nozzles for each color of ink (CMYK). Electrical circuits signal to the printhead nozzles to tell them when and how much ink to release onto the materials. When printing, different print heads will provide different effects for you. It’s known that the print head of Epson is the top brand in digital sublimation printing. With its leading technology in Micro piezoelectric printing, Epson has won the good reputation of durability, environmental friendly and high efficiency. By owning high-quality and high production printhead, Epson has become the benchmark in the digital printing. Today, I will introduce the some popular print heads of Epson.

NO.1 EPSON F1440 (DX5) 

It’s the classic version, and its price is about 860-1,000 USD. Its useful life is about 2-3 years. This type was released in the year 2000, which has quite a long history.

Epson f1440 (DX5) is the most popular nozzle in Epson brand. It can be perfectly applied to such inks: water based dye ink, sublimation ink, environmental solvent ink, UV ink. With mature market support system, Epson DX5 printheads can be applied to all printer brands.

No.2 Epson F1080 (XP600)

XP600 is an economical type nozzle, designed as water-based nozzle, with a life span of 3-6 months, and the price of each piece is 150-250 dollars. The printer suppliers likes it, and they prefer to make a simple printer and sell it very popular.

The Epson xp600 printhead has 6 ink paths. The number of head for the CMYK ink paths is 180 for each color, and 360 heads for LC ,LM ink paths. The entire xp600 printhead has a total of 1080 nozzles . It can print a minimum of 3.5PL drops. The number of head on the XP600 printhead is 360 fewer than DX5/DX7(1440 nozzles). With six ink paths, XP600 printheads have 180 for CMYK each color, and 360 for LC, LM ink paths. The whole xp600 printhead has a suml of 1080 nozzles, which can print 3.5PL drops, but fewer than DX5/DX7(1440 nozzles). This type of print head is usually used in the DTF printing.

subliamtion print head

No.3 Epson I3200 (4720) 

Epson I3200, designed as a water-based sprinkler, will also be released in 2018, with prices ranging from $240 to $300. Like xp600, printing suppliers like it, they plan to make a simple printer and sell it in large-scale.

The I3200 magnetic head adopts thin film piezoelectric (TFP) technology, and its service life is about 9 months. When it comes to TFP technology, the PrecisionCore technology must be referred. Precisioncore is a combined term that refers to the printhead technology characterized by Epson’s original high performance thin film piezoelectric (TFP) element. The core of the technology is its newly developed precision coremicro printing chip. Previously, Epson’s film piezoelectricity printing head was used only for commercial large format printers. But after repeated research and development, nowadays, TFP printing head technology has been applied in a wide range of product fields from industrial printing to office printing.

The merits of i3200 are: 3200 nozzles, higher resolution 600npi, jet frequency, which are higher than DX5 and xp600, so it performs better in color saturation, speed and accuracy,so is the cheaper price. It is very popular in sublimation ink textile printing.

Epson I3200 is a new type of piezoelectric print head. The name of the print head comes from Epson WF-4720 inkjet printer. The main technical parameters of Epson 4720 and Epson 5113 are basically the same. The difference is that 5113 printhead can only use water-based ink. The Epson 4720 print head is a corrosion resistant print head. Ink can be water-based, oil-based, solvent, UV, pigment, sublimation, etc.Therefore, I3200 is a multi-purpose print head.

Generally speaking, on the one hand, I3200 is the best choice for details and accuracy. You will get higher resolution and better definition, like sublimation printing. On the other hand, If you are making a large number of labels or need to print quickly and economically, the thermal printhead will be enough to meet your needs. If you are not sure how to choose printer or which print heads are suitable for your printer. You can contact us because we can provide various tpyes of print heads for you to choose.

How to clean the print head?

The easiest way to keep the print head in normal is to use the printer regularly. This prevents ink from drying on the print head and ensures that the ink flows normally. You should use the printer every few days, or at least once a week. When the printer is idle for a long time, the residual ink on the print head and nozzle will dry and cause blockage. All you need is medical alcohol, clean rag and a convenient vacuum cleaner to gently clean the printer’s print head and other components. Check that your printer also has removable print heads, as this makes cleaning easier.


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