sublimation paper

How To Choose The Right Sublimation Paper, Fast Dry Or Tacky?


If you are thinking of starting a dye sublimation printing business or wondering what you can and can’t sublimate,here are a few pieces of information that should help you understand what you can sublimate and what may not be an ideal choice when it comes to sublimating a product.

sublimation paper
sublimation paper

Sublimation is actually fairly simple when you get right down to it. You need sublimation ink and sublimation paper and a blank suitable for sublimation. You need a heat source that can reach 400 degrees,  either a heat press that can accommodate the blank you want to sublimate or a wrap that can hold your transfer in place while the item is in an oven. Finally you need a blank that is suitable for sublimation and some graphic software to create the graphic you want to print. If you have all those things you’re ready to sublimate.

The sublimation have been the most popular word in fabric industry lately . Because Sublimation printing is a flexible digital printing technology. You can express individual design and way on fabric through sublimation printing. Now, many gram appear in the paper market, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 100gsm, also the 120gsm sublimation paper. As a manufacture, many customer will consult, which gram paper will be better for them. Today will will share some tips for you to choose the best gram paper.

First, Printing speed

The higher the printing speed, the lower the paper weight can be. Cockling causes problems mostly when it happens directly beneath the printing heads. The papers for open substrates are designed to slow the water absorption in the paper structure. From this, a higher printing speed takes the cockling away from the danger zone under the printing heads. Now the gram under 80gsm are popular for the MS-JP4/7 machine.

Second, Ink Loading

Ink loading is an important factor because it is related with the water absorption by the paper. Since sublimation paper is vulnerable due to it can be easily affect by moisture, so the higher the ink loading, the heavier the paper has to be,in order to accept the moisture from the ink without any printing problem

Third, Humidity

In a low humidity, the paper will shrink, leave the printing side arcing up, so if the humidity is under 45%RH , you should choose the paper under 80gram. When the humidity is higher than 70%RH, the paper will immediately absorb moisture in the air, cause the paper become softer and reduce the stiffness, so the paper above 80gram will be better for you.


heat transfer paper
heat transfer paper

Sublimation Paper has been widely used in the market, it is developed specifically for the general transfer process. Applicable to all kinds of inkjet printer,higher quality and lower price.Different gram from 60 to 120, how to choose the best for use? Generally speaking, there are just 3 kind of paper, quick dry, tacky, and the thin paper.

Quick-dry sublimation paper: The paper will be dry after printing. Then dry-heater power can be reduced greatly so that cost will be reduced and the picuture color will be clear. 100gsm is the famous on this kind, suit for Epson, Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh and Ricoh

The Sticky sublimation paper: This kind of sticky paper is designed for shrunk fabric.The paper will stick to the fabrics so that the quality will be improved greatly, 100gsm tacky use mostly during all gram, suit for Epson, Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, Ricoh, Bncad and Custom Printers.

Thin sublimation paper: This kind of paper can be used by some specilized sector to reduce the cost. This kind have 60gsm, 70gsm and 80gsm, its better for the MS-JP machine, also the reggiani, so many customer need jumbo roll, like 500m/roll and 7000m/roll

Sometimes, when you open one rolls sublimation paper, you will find it becoming curl when printing, it will affect printing, damage your printer head, also waste your ink and fabric.So what cause the curl of sublimation paper?


dye sublimation paper
dye sublimation paper

In fact, usually there are 3 reason cause this situation.

One, is your paper really no good, when you just open your paper, find it was curl, hard to use. maybe you need to talk with your suppliers, let them check their paper, weather have mistake during producing. if your supplier is manufacture, they produce the paper by their own factory, its okay, let them use 2 side coating for you. if your supplier are retail, maybe, you need think how to do next, change new supplier or continue choose them.

Two, is yourself problem, you haven’t take care during your use. 1.When you need use dry sublimation paper, open it, after using, pls put it well like when you buy on the box. 2.When put it out side, pls take care the Temperature and humidity, Tem: 24-25 degree Hum:45-60 degree. otherwise the air too dry, the paper will lost water, it will becoming cured.

Last, its the problem of your printer, as we all know, Epson printer is different from others, it don’t have tableting, so its easy cause paper curl, other printer like Mimaki Mutoh and roland will not have this problem, so try to choose right printer.

We supplier many kinds Sublimation Material like high quality dye sublimation paper, dye sublimation ink also the sublimation printer, any need, pls feel free to let me know, we will waiting for you!

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