Epson DTF printed cat tshirt

How to Customize Cat T-Shirts with DTF Printers?

Epson DTF printed cat tshirt

Custom digital printing solutions such as DTG printers and Epson DTF printers can be efficiently used for custom clothing. Coincidentally, young people’s pursuit of personality has always been frenetic. What’s more, their loving relationship with cats cannot be sniffed at and now owners can customize and wear an original and quirky tribute to their favorite pet at all times. When they are designing cat clothes, they will find that it is memorable to put on distinctive cat T-shirts with these lovely elves. In addition, if you want to put your cat’s clothes on sale, you can go to the clothing crowdfunding website. The cat T-shirt you designed can also bring you a considerable income.


The Steps of Customizing Cat T-shirts by DTF Printers

cat shirt by Epson dtf printer

First of all, you need to plan the effect of this pattern. For example, you can use the Epson DTF printing system to process your pictures. If it is customized for individuals, the cat T-shirt’s custom patterns should not be illegal. And if it is for publicity or brand promotion, you need to make the patterns of T-shirts that you designed for cat lovers conspicuous, clear, and iconic. However, whether it is customized for a person or a group, the simpler the design of the cat T-shirt, the lower the cost of making it.

Secondly, when you design a Epson DTF printed cat T-shirt, you need to consider the color matching of its pattern, which can be designed according to what you like. The overall style of the pattern can be a business style or an elegant style. These factors can be decided according to your preferences. Group customization is generally designed with the main color of the corporate logo.

Of course, you can print pictures or photos of your cats on your T-shirts. Regardless of the picture, you can choose a cat t-shirt customization method with high color reduction, such as a Epson DTF printing solution.

Finally, you need to modify the patterns you design on the drawing software to ensure that the pattern meets the requirements of cat T-shirt printing.

The methods of Customizing Cat T-shirts by DTF Printers

Pull out the graphics you design on the paper. Screen printing can only supply simple printing with several colors. You can use an art knife to cut your design because it is more accurate while scissors are too difficult to cut out small details. Pull out the pattern you want to print on the T-shirt, and the rest remains complete. For example, if you need to cut out a pumpkin lamp, you only need to remove the candles in the pumpkin.

Screen printing process

 Prepare your screen. You can buy a ready-made printing screen in a local art shop or make your one. If you want to make it on your own, you need to buy a sieve net and a frame. Tighten the net on the frame, and then fix it with a booking nail on the edge to ensure that the net is tight and flat. The 43T model is most suitable for general printing.

Paste the seal tape on the edge of the bottom surface of the screen. The bottom surface is to contact with the side of the fabric. When you spread the cut template on the silk network, there cannot be a mesh near the edge. If there is a grid leaking out, you need to cover the edges again, otherwise, the pigment will leak out from the edge of the template and dip it on your cat T-shirt. 

Put your T-shirt on a table to ensure that there are no folds on it. Put the paper template on the T-shirt you designed, then put the screen on the shirt, and put it up. 

Pour a spoon of pigments on the silk mesh. You need to use fibrous pigment for the screen printing.


screen printing cat shirt
screen printing cat shirt

 Press the frame with one hand, put the roller on the paint with the other hand, and brush the paint down the screen. Repeat this step until the entire design pattern is covered by pigments. Then wait a while to make the paint fully soak the cloth. 

Hold the T-shirt with one hand, slowly lift the screen, start from the bottom, and then remove it from the T-shirt. You can appreciate your design now. Let your T-shirt dry naturally in a safe place to ensure that the pigment will not be touched.

Once you are printed, clean your screen. Wash it in cold water, rub the pigment with a sponge, and then let the screen dry in the air.

 Of course, if you are afraid that you cannot print well and you need to print a lot, you can choose to customize T-shirts. The Sublistar DTF printers can deal with your problem with digital printing technology. It is a very convenient and efficient T-shirt customization method.

Epson DTF Printed shirts

DTF printed shirt

Convert your design to a digital picture.

If your paper version of the sketch is very high, you can scan it into the computer, and then use the image processing software to modify it. For example, if you want to remove the draft lines, you can use Photoshop to open the picture and ‘hook’ on it.

Make modifications to your pictures.

I am adjusting the filter, color, lightness, contrast, saturation, or any other available effects. Add lines, fancy, splashing effects, and other decorations to make your design more energetic. By maintaining reasonable proportions, unified style, and color coordination, the entire layout will be internally consistent.

Add text

Although the strange font is fun to use, you should still focus on ensuring the readability of the text. You can download free fonts online, or even make fonts yourself. In order not to make the text look obtrusive, remember to apply the filters. It will affect the overall effect of the text. 

Try to make a sample first

The easiest way is to scald the design to a blank T-shirt.


Start printing T-shirts

If it is a small-scale operation, you can continue to use the hot transfer, which is a good low-cost method. If you want to send a few T-shirts, then you need to use a professional printing machine such as Sublistar DTF Printers or Epson DTF printers. You can subscribe your printing demand to these companies; they will provide you with reasonable printing solutions.


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