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How to Deal with The Waste DTF Ink?

The digital DTF printing machine consumes a lot of ink. When the DTF ink is almost finished or the ink is ready to be replaced, some waste ink problem will appear. At this time, the waste ink needs to be extracted to continue production. What are the precautions for extracting waste ink from digital printing?

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DTF ink Problem

Ways to clean the waste ink:

First, return the DTF ink cart of the digital printing machine to its original position, then pull the waste ink pipe out of the waste ink bottle, insert a 50ML syringe needle into the waste ink pipe mouth, and pull the needle cylinder back with force until the needle cylinder has extracted the waste ink, and then insert the waste ink pipe back into the waste ink bottle. What should be noted here is the return force when the waste ink is drawn. You can only release your hand when there is no return force. You can’t pull out the needle cylinder immediately after drawing.

Precautions for drawing waste ink from digital printing machine:

1. If air leakage is found during waste ink extraction and waste ink cannot be extracted, be careful. This indicates that there is a problem with the sealing of the cleaning system of the digital printing machine, which requires replacing the nozzle protector.

2. If the ink bag leaks when the waste ink is pumped, it indicates that the ink bag of the digital printing machine is damaged and can no longer be used normally, so it needs to be replaced with a new ink bag.

3. The digital DTF printing machine must be cleaned every time the waste ink is sucked, so as to avoid “siphon”, and unnecessary loss of ink in the ink cartridge and pollution of the entire ink supply system.

DTF printer ink pad

The I3200 printing head on the digital DTF printing machine will often break the ink, which is difficult to clean. The DTF ink will not break in normal printing. Do I need to lift up the ink stack? How to improve it?

A1: Ink breakage is usually analyzed and found out from two aspects. One is the problem of the ink supply system of the digital printing machine. If the pressure loss is too large, the ink is not delivered in time; Excessive pressure fluctuation destroys the normal pressure of the bend. Second, the waveform of the digital DTF printing machine nozzle does not match the ink well.

A2: The reason why it is difficult to clean is that there is air in the nozzle cavity of the digital printing machine, which is usually due to the following two reasons. One is that the ink stack has a gap with the nozzle, which causes ink absorption instability, and bubbles cannot be sucked out of the nozzle; Second, the ink absorption program is improper, which is similar to the waveform, and requires a better PID parameter to match it. Usually, many manufacturers of digital printing machines can use this casually, and there is no specific data to indicate that the debugging is within the appropriate range.

When it comes to the cleaning and ink suction procedures, many digital printer manufacturers do a relatively simple job. Epson’s original digital printer cleaning is a combination of waveform changes, air exhaust valves, ink pump speed changes, micro vibration and flash spraying.

If we use the syringe to clean well, but the automatic cleaning is not good, it is just that the cleaning action is set incorrectly. The setting of the cleaning action should simulate the tension change of the manual syringe.

For example, we clean syringes by hand. Generally, we use force first, let the ink pad absorb the nozzle, and then use force slowly. The ink slowly draws in, then relaxes, and the pressure slowly recovers. So the cleaning action should also simulate this process.

DTF syringe
There is no doubt that the emergence and successful application of digital printing technology is undoubtedly a major technological revolution in the textile industry, which is of milestone significance. The economic and social benefits brought by digital printing will have a profound impact on the entire industry, especially textile printing and dyeing in our mainland. As with all previous industrial upgrading and changes, the emergence of new digital jet printing technology is both a challenge and an opportunity. The global textile enterprises must take the lead in the upcoming changes.
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