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How to Install & Maintain The Print Head of DTF Printer?

Print head is an important accessory and component of DTF printer. The quality of print head directly affects the printing effect. Many customers do not know how to install print heads. Here we list the precautions before installing new print heads, how to install new print heads and solutions of several common problems for print heads.

DTF printer

1. New print head treatment of DTF printer

(1) Use pure water droplet print head until the air bubbles on the surface of the print head disappear.

(2) Array head status verification: Use a syringe to press pressure to check the print head water line. If there is no water without water, rinse it with a cleaning solution (judge that if you do not use the cleaning solution, the print head is easy to break the ink))

2.New print head installation of DTF printer

(1) Method: Manual ink absorbing three times, waiting for 5 seconds, and then automatic cleaning. This round of operation can be washed 95%of the spray holes, and then automatically washed 2 to 3 times. The print head can basically continue.

(2) Method: The new print head is installed, sucking ink directly in a long -sucking method, and then automatically cleaning 3 to 5 times. If the cleaning state is not good, soak the print head (5 ~ 6 minutes), and then repeat automatic cleaning.

3.The cleaning method of lacking ink or spraying holes in the air

(1) If there is an irregular spray hole ink, manually absorb ink 2 to 3 times, wait for 1 minute, and then automatically clean.

(2) If there is a position in the same position, there is always a manual ink absorbing 3 times. Wait for 5 minutes. Go to the automatic cleaning. If you still can’t get it, use the cleaning solution for 10 minutes.

4.If The Print Head Scrapes to The Paper Or Film

(1) First remove the car out, use non -woven fabric to dip the cleaning liquid, and wipe the bottom of the meeting (remember not to wipe left and right to prevent the curing agent of the ink and the membrane from bringing it into the spray pores)

(2) Soak the torch with a cleaning liquid for 5-10 minutes.

DTF printer

(3) Manual long ink suction 2-3 times to ensure that the print head  can be sucked out. Then automatically clean it, make the test strip to confirm the status.

(4) When the diaphragm is very interesting, the treatment of the top cannot be effective. When removing the sprinkler and cleaning, you must remember that the anti -pumping cleaning can no longer be rinsed under the print head, because there are already curing agents into the spray hole and solidify it. The agent will quickly react. If the ink water in the spray hole is chemically reacts with the chemical reactions, it will be knotted. If you rinse down, you will block the spray head even more.

(5) Explanation: Because of the diaphragm, I am afraid that the curing agent is on the surface of the print head, soaked the cleaning solution, and the curing agent has a cleaning solution, which may cause secondary damage to the print head. Remove the curing agent on the surface of the print head.

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