How To Look for In Quality Dye Sublimation Printer?

Welcome to the world of dye sublimation printing! Home décor, soft signage and sports apparel markets have been experiencing steady growth, and dye sublimation printing is a great way for business owners to take advantage of this opportunity. Below, we outline how to choose a dye sublimation printer.

1.How to select high-quality sublimation printer?

You have actually determined you wish to move your crafting or company into the globe of dye sublimation printing as well as now you need to recognize what is the best dye sublimation printer out there.

(1.Your business

Selecting the appropriate sublimation transfer printer requires first identifying what you wish to sublimate. Are you publishing large layouts on apparel? Smaller sized things, such as rollercoasters, cellular phone covers, flip flops, bag tags as well as plaques? Full-color graphics? High-def digital photography? Your choice depends on your business, no?

(2.Printing-field Size

Our company is a producer of huge format dye sublimation printer, as well as because of this, today we take this type of printer as an example. Large format dye sublimation printers can reach 3.2 metros. If you wish to publish the textile, the flag or other huge things, the you’d better select it.
( Note that the majority of printers do not print to the side of the paper, therefore the truth printing area is somewhat smaller than the media dimension.).

(3.Variety of ink color

On most occasions, people typically pick the printer with 4 colors. However if you are doing fine art or photo job where subtle shades of shade make a large difference, then the extra colors, the better.

(4.Speed of printing of dye sublimation printers

Obviously, everybody wants the fastest printer they can get, the idea being extra pieces per hour equates to extra profits. However, when assessing printing speeds, be sure to take notice of the details. First of all concentrate on color printing, not black printing. Review carefully at the photo size utilized for the rate specs. Finally, the number of printheads. Currently, color sublimation printers with 8pcs of printheads are popular, this type of printer suggests the higher speed of printing, greater resolution! Perhaps you will think It’s tough to install, really, our firm introduces a huge style sublimation printer, you can print straight when you include dye sublimation ink. It’s unneeded to debug!

(5.Price of digital dye sublimation printer

Lots of people take the cost into first consideration. There is good news that our Chinese supplier of an inkjet printer- Oric inkjet printer, not just have a high quality, but likewise can meet your demand for the cost.

(6.After-sales service of dye sublimation printer

Good after-sales equipment brand worthwhile of option. Given that the performance of thermal transfer printers provided by various producers is various, as well as the price, is different, it is particularly essential to pick the tools brand names that are in area after-sales solution when purchasing. It is essential to make far better resolutions. It is certainly the secret to looking for excellent advantages. Naturally, it can be identified by more customers. It requires to be contrasted prior to picking. Sublistar has a technical group of 10 people to fix the issue! And also we assure to provide life-time after-sales!

2.What does Eight print heads of dye sublimation printer imply?

(1.Continuous as well as stable manufacturing

When the dye sublimation printer remains in a production environment such as wet or hot, it will seriously influence the stability of manufacturing, and also the print head frequently retires. An eight-head dye sublimation printer like the Epson I3200-A1 print head works very easily when publishing ultra-high density ink.

(2.Avoid printing oblique spray

Making use of the I3200-A1 print head can successfully avoid oblique jetting. According to client data, utilizing the eight-head (I3200) electronic warmth transfer equipment for 3 months of constant manufacturing, there was no oblique spray.

(3.Lower failure price

The print head can be made use of directly on the printer, which can accomplish precise control of the print head, minimize the failure rate as well as enhance manufacturing stability.

Now, we have known how to look for a digital dye sublimation printer. But do you know the iumportance of the machine?

3.Importance of dye sublimation printer

Dye-sublimation printer can apply in numerous sectors, items produced by applications, such as ceramic, light weight aluminum, plastic, timber and also a range of garments from Tees to athletic performance apparel.

In the past 15 years, dye sublimation printers have actually been an integral part of the marketing sector and marketing product market. For consumers who want personalized items, electronic color sublimation printers are the excellent option. There is an old claiming in the advertising sector: “Individuals pay for customization.”

For many years, sector specialists have actually been beating the drums, prompting supervisors in the factory to constantly raise efficiency and also add worth to ensure survival. Dye-sublimation printers can undoubtedly increase brand-new profits as well as enhance its link with manufacturing in the manufacturing facility.

If you want it to work well all the time, it’s necessary to know, how to maintain the machine.

4.Just how to maintain the dye sublimation printer


Maintain your dye-sub printer in a clean location, without dust, dust as well as any dirt. Cover it when not in use, as well as vacuum the within the print cupboard location gently as typically as needed.

Dye-sublimation printers run finest in a humidity of 35-45 percent. This is why they are normally situated in their own tidy, humidified area to keep consistent problems. Together with a room humidifier, you can place a humidor sponge inside your printer at rest.

Periodic cleaning and also an examination of the general ink delivery system is a must. Examine these parts often, as they are what maintain your printer in top-operating condition.

Training is one of the most essential aspects of buying a wide-format dye-sublimation printer from each supplier as well as your neighborhood reseller or systems integrator. They must be offered to help you with correct installment, along with any type of basic procedures, and also training sources to enable you to end up being self-dependent in the everyday procedure of dye-sub printers.

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