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How To Maintain DTF Printer In Daily Operation?

DTF Printer is the product of progress and development with the times. It is a machine that has been active in the digital printing market in the past two years. With its simple operation and reasonable price, DTF Printer attracts a large number of people who want to start their own businesses.

Now the global economy is tight and the epidemic has broken out. Business is not easy to do everywhere. So funding is particularly important for those who choose to start a business. The machine is already an investment. If the machine is not well maintained, it may waste a lot of money to repair it.

1.Strictly follow the operating standards of DTF Printer

Each device has a set of standard operating procedures, and of course, DTF Printer has such a follow. Standardized operation not only makes the equipment work more stable and efficient but also prolongs the service life of the equipment. Therefore, before the printer works normally, you should pay attention to check the condition of the print head. Secondly, pay attention to the circuit load to prevent sudden power failure during the normal operation of the machine. Next, the operator must have professional and proficient operating knowledge and be able to operate proficiently. If it is a large-scale production enterprise, it is recommended that operators be trained and inspected regularly. It is important to ensure that every operator can perfectly follow the operating specifications.

DTF Printer

2.Choose the right consumables

Sometimes, when customers inquire about our machines, they only need machines. We are recommending consumables that match the machine, and some customers always feel that we are bundling sales. Actually, it is not. Equipped with the most suitable consumables, the machine can operate normally and efficiently. For example, if the wrong ink is selected and the quality is poor, the printing result will not be satisfactory. Good quality ink, good compatibility, and the printed pictures are clear and beautiful. Poor ink, uneven particle size, not only poor printing effect, but also easy to block the nozzle, or even damage the nozzle. In addition to being cheap, cheap ink has no advantages.

There are also corresponding PET film and hot melt powder. The quality of PET film directly affects the correct transfer of patterns. If the quality of the hot melt powder is not good, the printed pattern may be exposed, and the clothes may not be accepted by the public.

3.Pay attention to the operating environment of the DTF Printer

People are always creating some tools suitable for life development. It is cold in winter and hot in summer, what should I do? Then configure heating and cooling tools. For the same reason, the machine also needs an environment that adapts to its own operation. The DTF Printer itself generates heat during printing. In hot weather, the temperature is higher, coupled with the heat generated by the operation of the equipment. DTF Printer may stop working due to high temperature.

In some cases, excessively high temperatures will cause the device to stop working automatically, and in some cases, excessively high temperatures will directly burn the board. Therefore, the temperature of the working environment of the printing machine must be controlled. The working environment should be equipped with air-conditioning as much as possible to control the room temperature. The temperature should be 25-35 degrees Celsius, and the room temperature should not be too high. Temperature is one aspect, and the other is humidity. Because related consumables and equipment have a humidity range. Too much or too little moisture in the air will cause errors in the operation of the machine. Therefore, maintaining the optimum humidity at 35%-65% is the most suitable for the operation of the DTF Printer.

DTF Printer

4.Strictly follow the product manual provided with the machine

The line of the DTF Printer must be connected correctly. The ground wire must be a mechanically strong single-strand copper wire or a coiled wire. It cannot be shared with the ground wire of the lightning rod of the building. Both ends of the wire should be welded to the wire pins, one end is fastened to the metal bottom of the machine control panel with bolts, and the other end is connected to the ground wire of the building or the water pipe that is actually buried in the ground (pay attention to whether its conductivity is good).

In the case of severe static electricity, the method of connecting multiple ground wires can be adopted. In the large ink supply system, the ink in the Dasheng ink cartridge should be kept at about 1/2-3/4, and there should be no air bubbles in the ink tube. 20ml of ink should be installed before the new ink head is installed, otherwise, it may cause no ink or ink leakage. . When feeding and retreating the paper forward and backward, you cannot hold down a key for too long to go forward or backward. You should press the key for no more than 10 seconds, pause and then continue, otherwise it will cause damage to the stepper motor or the mainboard. When manipulating the ink head halfway, be careful not to splash ink on the mainboard inside the carriage. After the ink head is reset, observe whether there is any ink on the table, optical axis, and grating (especially) of the carriage position. Go clean up. The residue in the large ink tank should be cleaned and filtered regularly to prevent the bottom of the sediment from entering the pipeline and blocking the pipeline and ink head. Operators are required to develop a good habit of recording operation logs (especially during shifts), to record that the machine is indifferent temperatures, humidity, and other weather, on different paper materials and in various printing modes, and various specific parameters are for various types The printing situation of the printer file, summarize the work experience. Make some reference for the problems that may arise later or adjust the production method.

In summary, it is like two people buying the same bicycle at the same time. A person does not care, never washes the bicycle, nor does it clean up if it is dirty. The other will be wiped as long as the bicycle is dirty. The service life of the two bicycles is definitely different. In the same way, DTF Printer also needs to be well maintained by the operator. I hope you can treat your machines well, good luck again and again!

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