How to Maintain UV Printer Correctly?

Recently, UV printer is becoming a trend in printing industry. Just as same as DTF printer, it is necessary to take care of UV printer to guarantee the normal operation. Correct and effective maintenance will prolong the lifespan of UV printer and improve production efficiency. This passage will teach you how to maintain UV printer correctly in 4 key points:

Maintenance of Printhead

Clean printhead

When cleaning the printhead, you should use special wipe stick or non-woven rag to clean the printhead surface. If you use other materials to clean surface of the printhead, that may pollute or damage the nozzle holes.

Daily maintenance of printhead

  1. Turn off the power of UV printer when you finish working.
  2. Use special cleaning fluid to wash the moisturizing sponge firstly and afterwards, pour the cleaning fluid on sponge to wet it.
  3. Make the nozzle attached to the sponge closely.
  4. Keep the machine in this condition overnight.

If you need to remove the nozzle, follow the following steps:

  1. Leave some cleaning fluid in the nozzle after cleaning the nozzle.
  2. Remove the nozzle and nozzle connective tube together.
  3. Paste the wet non-woven fabric on the surface of the nozzle and use plastic wrap to wrap the nozzle.

How to handle printhead clogging

Press PAUSE button to stop the printing without hesitation if you find printhead clogging during printing process. After that, use vacuum cleaner or manual pump to empty ink from the nozzle and clean the nozzle. Use a plastic squeeze bottle to spray some cleaning liquid on the surface of the nozzle to wash residual ink after cleaning the nozzle. Keep in mind that do not force too hard when using manual pump. That behaviour will damage the printhead.

Daily Maintenance of UV Printer

  1. Test the printing condition of printhead before printing and turning off the printer to make sure that the state of printhead is normal.
  2. Prepare special cleaning fluid, PE plastic wrap(30cm in width) and non-woven fabric.
  3. Paste wet non-woven fabric under the printhead, afterwards, use plastic wrap to wrap the printhead in order to prevent cleaning fluid from volatilizing and drying in moisture period.
  4. Set a stable work platform for UV printer and do not put anything on the top of UV printer.
  5. Keep work environment clean and tidy. Close the front cover when printing to avoid dust.
  6. Let the printhead go back to the original position before turning off the power of printer.   

Maintenance of UV Printer during Short Period Absence

  1. Rotate the exhaust cap to let the ink in ink tube and nozzle all flow out.
  2. Connect the ink cube with one 5μfilter, then use glass syringe to extract special cleaning fluid and inject the cleaning fluid into the printhead through syringe. Wipe the nozzle surface with a cotton stick when cleaning printhead. It should not be too long to clean printhead, about 5 seconds. Stop cleaning until the cleaning fluid has no ink color.
  3. Maintain the printhead as stpes mentioned above.      

Maintenance of UV Printer during Long Period Absence

  1. Use cleaning fluid to clean the entire ink supply system.
  2. Turn off the power of UV printer and put the maintained printhead into clean corrosion-resistant container. At last, seal the container.
  3. Ink cartridges should be placed at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight.

Only maintain UV printer regularly and correctly can you improve working efficiency and print items with high quality. If you are still confused about maintaining UV printer, refer to Sublistar’s experts for professional advice.


How often do I need to clean my UV printer?

If you use UV printer frequently, it is better for you to clean the UV printer everyday.

Touching the printhead directly with hands will damage the printhead.

Proper care and maintenance will not only prevent possible mechanical failures but also ensure longevity of machine and increase productivity.

After test, usually a UV print can last at least 2 years without fading.

Yes. The UV ink is specially designed and is waterproof. Therefore, they can be used for outdoor advertising.

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