How to Make Money with UV Printing Service

UV printing service

The current UV printing business is not easy to do, and many people are thinking about how to make a side business. Now the UV flatbed printers on the market are loved by many people because of their wide printing materials, relatively large printing formats, and numerous audiences. Although you can print a lot of products with one machine, it’s not enough for starting a business, less than making money. As a newcomer in the printing industry, you cannot ignore the choice of the industry that is more suitable for you. You’d better choose an industry you are familiar with and interested in. So, which industries are UV printing services suitable for? Today, I will tell you which business is more profitable to buy an a3 flatbed UV printer.

There are different sizes of UV printing machines, and customized materials are applicable, but their printing formats are different. This article will not tell you how to distinguish the size of the machine. Today, I will show you how to understand some related industries from several directions:


Direction 1: Personalized customized products

Personalized customized products

Private customization is the preferred business for many entrepreneurs now because the investment in private customized products only requires one machine. For example, a small UV printer is fine. Small UV flatbed printers are also easier to get started, and the market is relatively large, so the newbies usually start UV printing services from private customized costumes. Relatively speaking, the cost is lower and the return comes faster.

Direction 2: UV printing service in the advertising printing industry

UV printing service in the advertising industry

This is the most widely used UV printing business. After all, the number of advertising stores, advertising companies, and market audiences is the most extensive. Although there is no shortage of orders, the profit is relatively low due to competition in advertising printing. The industry is the main direction of many large-scale UV printing machines. Because of wide formats, many nozzles, and fast printing speed. What’s more, the business does not have high requirements for patterns, and it is more suitable to buy a large-scale UV digital printer to start this business.


Direction 3: UV printing on leather

UV printing on leather

Various patterns are printed on the surface of the leather, thereby increasing the added value and profit of the original product. Products such as leather bags and other products can be printed with any pattern that customers want to instantly increase the price of the product.


Direction 4: UV digital printer in the building materials industry

UV digital printer in the building materials

Background walls are mostly made of glass and ceramic tiles. The market has been very hot in the past three years. Especially the customized 3D relief background wall is particularly popular, which is not only in great demand but also has high added value. However, the threshold of this industry is high, and one UV flatbed printer is not enough. Professional types of equipment such as coating machines, engraving machines, laminating machines, and sandblasting machines are also needed. In addition, the application of UV printing in mental materials is also wide.


Direction 5: UV printing service in the digital product industry

UV printing service in the digital product industry

Many people are familiar with this industry. It grows up in 2012, and its representative business, the DIY customization of mobile phone cases is even more popular. A plastic case plus UV printing costs less than 1 dollar, while its market value is more than 20 dollars. Therefore, many users can usually recover the cost in 2 months. Although it has cooled down in recent years, after all, mobile phone is constantly replaced, and the customized printing needs of the case will not change. Furthermore, there are UV printing services in iPad leather cases, keyboards, mouse pads, and other digital products.


Direction 6: UV printing service in the arts and crafts industry

UV printing service in the arts and crafts

It is reflected in the dazzling variety of small objects in the compulsory commodity market, such as combs, hairpins, eyeglass frames, packaging boxes, pins, wine bottles, bottle caps, and decorative paintings… Hundreds of materials can be used to print patterns with a3 UV flatbed printers. This industry has a strong regionalism and is often concentrated on the source of goods.


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