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How to print far better with DTF Printer?

The DTF Printer, which has actually been selling quite possibly in the past two years, has actually broken through the bottleneck of digital printing technology. Realize the objective of one-piece printing, no plate making, and also one-time printing of full-color images. DTF Printer has several advantages over conventional printing processes.

Oftentimes, drivers will utilize a lot more color ink to publish with intense shades. Customized pictures created by yourself can attract the attention of lots of people. The duty of white ink can not be neglected. Today, I can specifically present the foundation function of white ink. Via the style of the designer, let Bai Mo show its distinct charm. Make DTF Printer print more colorful.

  1. Establish a white ink channel

How does DTF Printer develop a white ink spot shade channel? Is it complicated? What ideas can help designers resolve troubles quickly?

Open the image to be printed in Photoshop, the color is best set to CMYK mode, then select the layer, create a new layer to attract the area you require for white ink as well as varnish, and then extend the picked area by 1 Pixel points, 2-3 factors can likewise be established according to the needs of the picture, the objective is to develop a white ink network, as well as print white ink to avoid the phenomenon that the color registration is not enabled to disclose the white side. Click the network, click the switch in the upper-right edge of the network, pick the new area color channel from the drop-down menu, name it W1, pick the spotted shade (red), pick the opacity as 100%, and conserve the photo as TIF layout. Then print once again.

DTF Printer

  1. Choose the ideal DTF Printer

Because there are a lot of DTF Printer manufacturers on the market just recently, there are numerous brand names, the cost is high as well as the low, and the quality is irregular. When lots of clients select the incorrect brand, it is highly likely that the published outcomes will be difficult to please. Laundering is very easy to discolor, or the pattern does not stick to the clothes securely. It is needed to contrast more than one and pick the ideal brand name. Or some machines look good, yet throughout the printing process, there might be fixed electrical energy. When the PET film is a result, it curves as well as the film goes off. Several details can not be ignored.

  1. Choose the ideal consumables

Currently, there are 3 major types of consumables for DTF Printer: DTF ink, PET movie, and also warm thaw powder. Sublistar offers a one-stop service, not only providing you with DTF Printer but also providing you with three consumables for powder shaker. Numerous specs, as well as top-notch consumables, ensure the secure output of your printing outcomes. The ink is colorful, the movie transfer impact is good, and also the hot-melt powder does not penetrate all-time low. It can be guaranteed that the effect of the output Pet dog movie being moved to the clothes through the warm press will be extremely good.

Sprinkled here, some DTF Printers only have dusters and printers, and also can not be dried out. Need to get another oven. The warm melt powder on the PET movie has to be fully thawed and also dried. Our Sublistar brand is an all-in-one printing and also trembling powder drying device, which saves time and effort, so it can fully liberate labor as well as save labor costs.

  1. Configure a heat press

Design the pattern, print it out via the printer, after that sprinkle powder as well as dry it, an outcome is the reel family pet film, and also cut out the pattern with the cutting device. The pattern is placed on the garment to be published, as well as the pattern is marked on the garment by a warm press. The general setup time is 15-20 secs as well as the temperature level is 165 ℃.

When choosing a DTF Printer, the above are the points to pay interest to. Additionally, if you still desire the device to run generally, with long life as well as outstanding printing, you can find the DTF Printer in the following three ways.

DTF Printer

  1. Maintenance of the ink tank

The usual failures of ink storage tanks are no ink or light writing. The reason is that because the functioning temperature of the ink tank is high, the ink dries up, or the operator fills up the ink tank with different sorts of ink, and also the different kinds of ink have interactive reactions. For ink containers failing, the ink tank has to be cleaned up as well as changed with new ink.

Furthermore, every time a brand-new ink tank is installed, the print head needs to be cleansed. The brand-new ink container needs to not be placed in straight sunlight and messy locations. The storage temperature level must be 10℃-35℃ to avoid ink cold and also changes. Considering that the smaller sized the nozzle of an inkjet printer, the higher the resolution, and the smaller the nozzle, the higher the demands for ink top quality, so try to use the ink provided by the manufacturer, and avoid selecting inferior ink.

  1. Overhaul of the print head cleaning and also securing tool

The printing head cleansing and sealing device are a vital part of the printing head, particularly the cleaning and securing device for dividing the printing head are a lot more complex. The entire gadget is mounted at the leftmost end of the print head moving slide rail, that is, the security setting or preliminary placement of the print head. The gadget primarily completes the 4 actions of “scratching, wiping, covering, as well as sucking”, so as to keep the print head as well as guarantee its typical operation.

  1. Inkjet head cleaning system failure

Under regular scenarios, after the DTF Printer is turned on, the inkjet head is driven by the carriage as well as relocates to the nozzle cleansing unit to do the automatic nozzle cleaning procedure. The ink absorption system in the inkjet head cleaning system begins to soak up ink and tidy the nozzles., the print head is secured by the sealing rubber on the print head structure to ensure the cleanness of the inkjet head. When the inkjet head cleansing system falls short, the printhead makes a mistake in the cleaning procedure.

Open up the picture to be printed in Photoshop, the shade is best set to CMYK setting, then select the layer, create a brand-new layer to attract the area you require for white ink and varnish, as well as after that prolong the chosen location by 1 Pixel factors, 2-3 points can additionally be established according to the requirements of the photo, the objective is to establish a white ink network, and also print white ink to prevent the sensation that the shade registration is not allowed to disclose the white side. The reason is that because the working temperature of the ink storage tank is high, the ink dries up, or the driver loads the ink tank with various types of ink, and also the various types of ink have interactive responses. For ink storage tank failure, the ink container needs to be cleansed as well as replaced with new ink.

Since the smaller sized the nozzle of an inkjet printer, the higher the resolution, as well as the smaller sized the nozzle, the higher the need for ink quality, so try to utilize the ink given by the producer, and also prevent selecting substandard ink.

The ink absorption mechanism in the inkjet head cleansing system starts to soak up ink and also tidy the nozzles., the print head is sealed by the securing rubber on the print head frame to ensure the cleanness of the inkjet head.

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