How to Properly Maintain DTF Film Printer In Different Aspects?

We SUBLISTAR are manufacturer of DTF printing machine. Now we have lots of agents in USA, Canada, France, UK, Italy, Germany and other countries. We have also been making improvements in details and features. Today I will share with you how to properly maintain your DTF film printer in different aspects.

DTF printing machine

1.Cycle maintenance:

(1) Try to hold the desktop energized to make sure the non-stop work of the white ink circulation.
(2) If the electricity need to be reduce off, add a few drops of pure water to the preservation cap and soak the protection cap slightly.

2.Nozzle maintenance:

(1) The nozzle of the DTF film printer should healthy the upkeep cap when it is reset, and attempt no longer to make too tons contact with the air when now not in use.
(2) The nozzle cable ought to be stored intact and tidy. Don’t be too tortuous or too shut to different cables, so as to keep away from scratching and inflicting the cable to fall off. There ought to be no liquid at the connection port (it can additionally be constant with a cable tie)
(3) Wrap an electrical tape round the nozzle and cable interface to seal the nozzle and cable interface to forestall ink from coming into the nozzle and burning the nozzle.
(4)After the nozzle is installed, cleaned and maintained, the interface between the nozzle and the flat cable ought to be re-sealed, and the role corresponding to the flat cable ought to be wholly inserted when inserting the flat cable, so as no longer to burn the nozzle.
(5) After sealing the nozzle and the cable interface, you can put a paper towel on it to similarly defend the existence of the nozzle.
(6)Make certain that the nozzle is cleaned in proper circumstance earlier than working. After cleaning, test the check line till it is determined to be in exact condition, so as to make sure the existence of the nozzle.

3.Car maintenance:

(1) Keep the grating strips clean.
(2) The information rail must be saved lubricated.
(3) After every day use, wipe and grasp off the ink on the proper facet of the backside of the trolley with a paper towel or sharp object to keep away from scraping the paper and affecting the print high-quality after a lengthy time.
(4) The flash spray tank and renovation station want to add a sure quantity of water to rinse after each day use to stop blockage from affecting subsequent use and maintenance.

DTF film printer

4.Parts maintenance:

(1) Regularly test the circumstance of the peristaltic pump and filter, and change them in time.
(2) The colour ink filter is changed inside a two-month lifestyles cycle
(3) The white ink filter need to be changed inside 1/2 a month to one month. The substitute of the filter on time will assist make sure the lifestyles of the nozzle and the printing effect.
(4) Regularly take a look at whether or not the cable is unfastened and whether or not the strain and liquid degree are normal.
(5) Whether the paper feeding wheel and the paper feeding ink furnish device are in excellent condition, whether or not there are wear, looseness, and unstable connection.
(6) Both the DTF film printer and the duster want to be related to the floor wire to forestall static electrical energy from long-term use from interfering with the desktop and inflicting damage.

Okay, these all above are my share about how to properly maintain your DTF film printer. Hope my article can be useful to you. If you’re interested in DTF film printers or have any questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Thanks for your reading.

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