How To Solve Minor Problems In Daily Operation Of DTF Printer?

There are many DTF Printer on the market. I won’t talk about branded DTF Printers, for the time being, they are definitely expensive and the quality is guaranteed. And professional after-sales technical guidance and services. But we have a lot of small startups, and the funds are definitely not enough to support expensive machines.

Many unscrupulous merchants do not care about after-sales after selling the DTF Printers. For this reason, we have made an article today to introduce the problems that may be encountered in the daily operation process, and give answers on how to solve these problems.

Before we buy the DTF Printers, I believe you will definitely look for information in many ways to seek the best purchase information. Some people may have been pursuing low-cost and high-configuration DTF Printer. But we must know that what you pay for is what you pay for. Nowadays, the better configuration of powder shaker on the market is equipped with nozzles XP600 or 4720 or I3200, and the price of these three nozzles is higher than one.

1.Choose the right nozzle

If you are a small entrepreneurial business and have high requirements for color, and secondly for printing resolution, then the XP600 print head is the best choice because it can print 6 colors with smaller ink droplets. And the price is relatively moderate, it is the first choice of many start-ups.

In addition, the supply of 4720 and I3200 nozzles on the market is now in short supply, and the prices have naturally risen. The XP600 at this time can be said to be the best alternative of its kind. But now with the continuous updating of technology, the functions of the DTF Printer are becoming stronger and more perfect.

The problem of nozzle clogging that the customer was worried about, except for the higher quality 4720 nozzles. Almost all white ink mixing ink circulation systems are available on the market. But not all white ink circulation systems can achieve the effect of preventing clogging. What is causing this problem? Please continue to read down to reveal the answer.

The reason is that the internal setting of the white ink circulation system is unreasonable, which may lead to the failure of this function. The second is that the quality of the ink used by the customer is not good, and no matter how great the performance is, it cannot turn bad things into good ones. The third is that customers do not pay attention to cleaning during daily use. Or the same ink was not used, another brand was changed midway, and no cleaning was done.

2.Configure the lack of ink alarm device system

Since DTF Printer was first introduced to the general public, it has been less practiced. The lack of ink alarm system is not configured, which causes some defects in the operation process, which affects the print quality. Finally, our technicians broke through this limitation and improved the ink circuit system. Ensuring the smooth operation of the ink path system is an issue that each printing equipment manufacturer must consider.

In the process of focusing on printing, many employees will only pay attention to the work at hand and ignore the problem of insufficient ink. At this time, in order to remind the operator to add ink in time, the ink should be added in time when the ink is about to be used. Our DTF Printer is now equipped with an ink shortage alarm system. Once any ink of any color is short of ink, it will automatically alarm until ink is added. It can remind the staff to add ink in time. So as to ensure the smooth operation of the ink circuit system. Therefore, the problem of printing interruption caused by long-term lack of ink is avoided, and the damage to the nozzle is reduced.

3.Automatic drying

The traditional silk-screen heat transfer, because there is no drying system, has to be exposed after printing. After this set of procedures, a lot of time has been consumed. Some machines on the market now modify the printer, and then print directly with the printer. Then use hot melt powder for dusting, in the step of hot pressing.

Only the modification, the two links of manual dusting are prone to problems. Can the modified machine be used normally? Disadvantages of manual dusting: It may not be able to take care of every small detail of the pattern on the PET film. This will result in uneven dusting, poor printing results, and even exposure to the bottom. Such quality should not be what customers expect.

Choose the right brand DTF Printers, whether it is a mini, 600mm, or 1200mm, we are fully equipped. All are automatic dusting, no need to manually dusting, higher efficiency, and better effect.

The printer has a front, middle and back three-stage drying. There is a special temperature control switch and a temperature display on the left side of the printer. The drying system is under the integrated mold platform that supports printing consumables, which are warm to the touch. When printing, the pattern can be dried.

The pattern printed by the printer is output to the powder shaker for pre-heating. The machine automatically spreads and shakes the powder. There will also be a heating system here to help the hot melt powder better adhere to the white ink layer. The pattern is heated by the conductive belt. The molten powder is heated to increase the washing fastness of the pattern. The time for the entire conduction belt is about 2-3 minutes. The conduction belt conveying will make the heating and baking more uniform. What is delivered by the drying and conveying of the guide belt is the finished product that can be pressed and ironed. It can be directly used for pressing, or it can be rolled up and stored, and there will be no ink paste.

I believe you have a general understanding of how to solve the problem of nozzle clogging, ink shortage, and reducing manual operation, and improving efficiency. Please look forward to the next launch of new features or our new DTF Printer!

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