How to Test the Performance of your Heat Press Sublimation Printer?

A large format heat press sublimation printer has a simple operation and a high quality print effect is important

When purchasing heat press sublimation printers, in addition to the price, ease of operation and high quality of printed pictures are the first to consider the factors.

Upon talking about the image quality that is printed by the large format sublimation printer, the resolution, dpi, is the first thing to come into mind. However, high resolution doesn’t represent the best quality. Taking the digital camera as an example, high resolution images can’t represent the high quality pictures. The parsing data is as important as printing when using the sublimation printer. You must ask why it’s so vital? When printing complex drawings, dotted lines and thin lines must be clearly printed because you don’t want to lose information that makes your clients angry. When sending samples, the loss of specific patterns may have disastrous consequences that you lose a customer forever and he turn around to choose another sublimation printer supplier. In addition, images can make the problem appear better than words. Poor printing quality may lead to lose bids, orders, etc. Clearly, in this case, good image quality is important to the bottom line. To guarantee the image quality, resolution and image processing must be considered.

The quality of this interpreter is particularly important when you are dealing with thin lines or dashed lines and detail printing. Quality and media relevance: for black-and-white large format printers, the print quality is more or less the same regardless of the media you use. However, when using an inkjet printer, the quality will vary. When printing on glossy paper or photo paper, there may be differences in color output and the quality of thin lines and thin lines compared with ordinary paper.

  • Scanning technology: when making a copy, first scan the original. The challenge for manufacturers is to deal with wrinkles and folds in the original drawings while enhancing and maintaining weak information such as lines. The scanning technology of different printer manufacturers has obvious differences in quality. Conclusion the best way to judge the image quality is to check it in own your own. Bring a typical file to the demo and print it out. However, when comparing the image quality of large format printers, ensure that they are printed on the same material. Judge quality according to what is important to you.

For example, it seems that loading the media roll to then printer is quite simple, but these ostensible simple things will takes you much time on such trifle things. Your employees will feel anxious for failing at equipping the sublimation printer. As a result, they may be unwilling to do their printing jobs after experiencing a series of misprints. What happened here is totally different from your determination that decided to invest the sublimation printer.

The latest virus scan programs come to people’s mind, when it comes to the Internet security. The large format printer is a component of your IT infrastructure, especially for some printers with USB interface. Why internet security is so important? Protecting your sublimation printer is equal to protect your intellectual property. The invention, advertisements, logo and designs in commercial are easy to be stolen. Physical property can be safely protected by locked up. While, the data is fluid in essence, which can be cloned in short time. The data is stored in the hardware or on the Internet in digital format. Therefore, it’s vital to make sure the security of Internet and hard disk. I hope that you would never experience the Internet collapse caused by online virus. But you can imagine its horrible aftermath. You may lose important information or productivity. At the same time, your intellectual property may be infringed. The Internet suppliers can provide you with support on various online programs and functions, including the complete, identity verification and authentication process. Pay attention to you Internet security of the large format sublimation printer. What you take into consideration is more than the protection of Internet virus.

After talking so much about the heat press sublimation printer, you may ask what kind of printer should I to choose? Sublistar is a good choice, because we provide one-stop solution for customer. We have the independent R&D institute and the manufacturing process, including manufacturing, processing, assembly, quality control and testing will be done on our own. After buying the machine, we can still provide you with our professional technical support and after-service for one year. You will get the incredible service that you can’t find in other suppliers. No outsourcing! You don’t need to worry about the middleman in your purchase process. Everything is done in a professional way.Through many years of experience, we have accumulated lots of beneficial methods and practice. The business have spanned the globe that more than 40 countries.

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