T-shirt Sublimation Printer

How to Test Your Dye Sublimation Printers Performance?

More and more dazzling options of dye sublimation printers have emerged on the digital printing market and the consumers are prone to feel lost when compared with their specifications. That’s the reason why you should figure out what kinds of sublimation printer is you really need. If you already have a general purchase intention in your mind, you will be easy to make a decision. In a word, there are four aspects you need to pay attention to when make a comparison.

T-shirt Sublimation Printer


Cost fees of Dye Subliamtion Printers

Before start your dye sublimation business, budget is the most vital thing you need to take into consideration. Mulling over day and night of different products, you will make a reasonable decision. Prices change according to supply and demand. That means if you buy the printer in its slack season, you will get a relatively affordable price. On the other hand, you are unlucky to insist on buying a large format machine in its peak season, you have to pay higher price than before, including the soaring freight fess. Sometimes, the price of printer goes up owing to its relevant raw materials. If the steel costs 4 dollars, the product made of it would sell 10 dollars; if its primitive price rises to 10 dollars, its final price will soar to higher, which depends on the price of raw materials. Having a good relationship with manufacturer is a good way to coping with price escalation. The prices varies fro time to time. Therefore, it’s important to get know printers before entering the printing industry. After knowing this, you should understand that printing product is proportionate to printing capacity. Faster printing speed means more products to sell. Whether to buy a economical printer with low capacity or a premium printer with high printing capacity is up to you. So it’s up to you to balance the benefits against the costs. As opinions vary, there is not have a perfect plan for every one. Maybe find a plan that is the most suitable to you is a wise idea.

dye sublimation printer

Printing Size

The width of sublimation printer is a vital thing deserve mulling over providing that you apply this machine to large fabric, such as bed sheets, curtain and textile. To evaluate its maximum printing size, you should take Jumbo media roll into account. Generally speaking, the manufactures will mark its maximum printing size of the printer they support in specifications. The printing size varies from different types of sublimation printers. Usually, width will not be highlight on the specifications, and you should pay attention to before buying it.

Resolution of Sublimation Printer

Resolution is an important measure of camera, so is the sublimation printer. In other words, high resolution can be the guarantee of printing quality. When the sublimation printer was first invented, it seems implausible that complex and colorful pictures could be printed on the fabric clearly. And the pixels are the integral part to resolution. How can be measured the resolution? It can be called in PPP, which means pixels in per inch. In each inch of printing field, more pixels represent the higher printing quality. The resolution of sublimation printer was about 700*700 can be called a good one, but now higher resolution has been produced, which can help you prevent the problem of blur patterns and opaque areas.

Refilling the Ink

The statistics show that cheap sublimation printers are prone to go wrong after using a year later. Some novices are often bewildered when refilling ink. If the ink in your cartridge has been used up, it will be difficult to recharge them. That’s the reason why it’s vital for you to find a good printer that can ensure many times uses without repair. It’s the ideal state that running a machine rather than fix it from time to time, while you should know that sublimation business is a long term investment and you have to do maintenance for better experience.

What’s the best brand of sublimation printers? Sublistar is a good choice for you, which specializes in the R&D of dye sublimation printers, manufacturing, maintenance, and after-service. We provide one stop solution including printer, inks, consumables and software. If you are looking for top-class and economical sublimation printers to meet your fastidious needs. By the way, we are a well-known company with perfect experience in selling high-quality products.

After purchasing a brand new machine, you should read the technical manual carefully in case of existing some operating differences with the printers you ever used.

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