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How to use DTF film—DTF Solution and Precaution

dtf film transfer

Do you know the application of DTF films on clothing? Do you want to know how the patterns on you tshirts are made from? The general understanding of clothing DTF film is to first print the pattern onto the plastic film coated with release agent, and then dry it. Then, preheat this patterned film to transfer it to the surface of clothes or other fabrics through high temperature and high pressure, leave the pattern, tear off the waste film, and complete the DTF film process. The T-shirt DTF heat transfer is a very common process when customizing clothing, because it has the characteristics of fast and exquisite. Sublistar T-shirt DTF printing machines can make beautiful and affordable fabric in a few minutes!


Sublistar A3 dtf film printing machine

The principle of DTF film process

The principle of DTF film printing is very simple, that is, there is a special gum layer on the surface of DTF film paper. Under high temperature, the gum layer is separated from the underlying paper base. It adopts the high temperature resistance of the special ink for DTF transfer film and the waterproof and non-fading characteristics of the ink itself. In terms of the application scope of film printing solution, the fabrics used for the DTF process must be heat-resistant. As long as the transferred fabric is heat-resistant, most of them can be used for this heating process of DTF transfer film .


Precautions for maintenance of T-shirt DTF film

After purchasing a favorite DTF printing shirt, you must be able to maintain it for a long time, so that it can truly become personalized and durable clothing. Here are some maintenance methods for DTF T-shirts:

  1. The T-shirt just bought will feel a little hard, and it will become soft after washing.
  2. Newly processed T-shirts can only be washed after 48 hours.
  3. Do not rub the surface of the T-shirt (DTF film) pattern by hand (the surface material of the DTF filmpattern will not attach dirt).
  4. Do not wash with detergent containing bleach.
  5. Wash with warm or cold water below 40 ° C.
  6. Try not to wash it with the washing machine. When washing with the washing machine, turn the side of the pattern to the reverse side and then wash.
  7. Don’t scrub the neckline too hard to avoid neckline deformation.
  8. When drying, the clothes hanger can only be extended from the loose part of the lower hem of the clothes, and cannot be forced directly from the neckline to prevent the neckline from loosing after losing its elasticity.
  9. After washing, take it out of the washing machine immediately, and do not dry it with the dryer.
  10. It should be dried naturally. Do not expose the DTF film printing T-shirt in the sun.
  11. If the clothes need to be heated, they can be heated with medium-temperature steam after drying (those containing elastic fibers cannot be DTF film processed at high temperature to avoid damaging the organizational structure of elastic fibers and affecting the elastic effect of clothes). Do not heat directly on the pattern.
  12. After the heat transfer of DTF films, do not put the clothes into a narrow space. You can hang them on a hanger or spread them flat to keep the clothes flat.


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