DTF printing

How to Use DTF Machine to Achieve Unique Printing Effect?

In the past two years, DTF printing is very popular in the digital printing industry. Many customers who do fabric printing have begun to try this new transfer method. In continuous testing, use and customer feedback, this technology is constantly improving and improving Essence Although there is still a lot of room for improvement, it cannot replace the printing methods such as DTG printing and sublimation printing screen printing, but this technology has become increasingly mature, and we are optimistic about this new technology. Today, let’s take a look at how to use DTF machine to achieve unique printing effect.

DTF printing

1. Fluorescent Printing of DTF machine

We Sublistar have 2 models DTF machines that can support fluorescent color printing: DTF-6003 Fluo & DTF-Mini360S Fluo.

Now fluorescent printing is getting funky. It is an perfect merchandising color. Our fluorescent DTF printer is carried out via multi -color ink cartridges and fluorescent ink. Fluorescent inks are based totally on pigments that have the capability to take in ultraviolet power and simply right away re-emit this electricity inside the seen spectrum. The impact of this is to motive the print to glow and show up very vivid in sunlight hours conditions. The fluorescent printing can be transferred to a couple of surfaces such as textiles, cotton, felt, leather, timber and ceramics.

These days the apparel market isn’t flooded with brightly colored, fluorescent colorings are subtly used in photo designs to draw your eye to a particular phase of the design.

Because fluorescent colorings are so startling and vibrant they are very high-quality as a single coloration design. With the cutting-edge fashion for easy phrase pushed layout single coloration neon is usually going to be a winner. In this occasion masses of white area is going to be the ideal background, letting the neon ink do all the challenging work in speaking the design.

DTF printing

2. Golden movie Printing of DTF machine

Gold is impressive. The metal shine of gold provides magnificence & cost to print products. Golden switch movie is produced to create a metalized floor on thinner movie and when weight discount in an software is desired. The manufacturing method is comparable to bloodless foil switch processes, however on a large high-volume scale. A movie is lined to permit the layer of metalizing to be launched away. This switch movie is positioned in contact with a paper or movie that has an adhesive utilized to it. The adhesive can be utilized in a flood manner, protecting all of the sheet, or a discrete manner, permitting selective factors to transfer. The paper and the movie is then stripped away releasing the steel aluminum, which stays on the sheet solely the place the adhesive has been applied. The completed product is amongst the lightest weight picks for metal finishes.

DTF printing

3. Glitter Film Printing of DTF machine

If you favor a graph to in reality sparkle, glitter is the satisfactory way to do it! Glitter printing is normally printed in the display screen printing. It can be transferred to the cloth thru the Glitter ink. Our DTF machine is generally applied via the Glitter switch film. There are a few matters you want to do in order to reap this look. Use our glitter movie to making your prints shimmer and sparkle. These glitter prints can make awesome affords for any holiday.

How to Use DTF Machine to Achieve Unique Printing Effect? In addition to the three ways we mentioned above, there are actually many other ways to achieve characteristic DTF printing. Unique prints will make your clothing and accessories more eye -catching, and the return rate will be higher. Use fluorescent ink and glitter film to DIY your favorite clothes!

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