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Inkjet UV Printer-What are The Factors That Affect Its Printing Effect?

Inkjet UV printer has the advantages of a simple process, no plate making, single creation, fast printing speed and high accuracy compared to typical printing equipment. Check proofing must be done prior to batch printing.

Inkjet UV Printer

1. Check and release details

Digital inkjet UV printer proofs help customers to check that the information contained in the print pattern, photos, shading, web settings and other information is appropriate for timely customisation. Various printing materials, inks as well as dot expansion rates will certainly produce adjustments in the shading of the released pattern.

2. Signing a common sample

Samples after proofing by the inkjet UV printer are confirmed by both the supply and demand side and can be used as a typical reference for later distribution. The final printed result must match the confirmed sample. To ensure that the samples are recommended, contract samples should preferably be released shortly before bulk printing to avoid unnecessary disagreements due to fading and deformation of the samples over time in storage.

3. Reliable means of communication

UV printer proofs are not only an important basis for ensuring print quality, but they are also an effective way to communicate reliably with your customers. The material the customer wants to print and the result they want can be proofed first, then changed and adjusted according to the impact of the proof, and finally, mass-produced. Proofing saves time and concerns by properly avoiding unnecessary disagreements between supplier and customer over unsuitable print results.

What are the causes of colour differences in UV printing?

When using an inkjet UV printer, there can occasionally be differences between the published pattern and the colours produced by the developer. As a result, the release does not turn out as well as it should. So, what are the factors that influence colour differences in UV printing?

1. Image problems

Before using the UV printer for the medium to release the pattern, the driver needs to refine the pattern to be released before starting to print until it achieves the effect the customer wants. However, if we are in the process of image processing, due to refinement errors resulting in pattern colour damage, the printed effect will certainly be far from the actual effect needed.

(1) Computer system monitors will see different colours aesthetically depending on the various makes and models and the standards established by the particular colour values.

(2) The lightest chroma value throughout the colour plate production process must not be less than 8% or it may not be printed.

(3) The backing of the image on the layout original is RGB, not CMYK; please do not use four-colour black or four-colour grey, which is prone to significant colour differences after printing

(4) Avoid using unique shades. If the image is a product purchased or supplied elsewhere, it is sometimes not possible to find a summary file with a unique shade, which can cause the general print shade to change colour.

It is therefore advisable for the print operator to carry out a sample check before printing and then proceed with the official printing until the desired effect is achieved. This not only saves the product but also allows the fastest possible time to print a product that meets the customer’s needs.

2. Ink problems

The high quality of the printing ink is a direct reflection of the final result. If the ink used in the UV printer is also of poor quality, it will be difficult to release the results required by the customer. Due to the different percentages of pigment parts in certain inks, as well as the shading of ink smearing in the cartridges, the printed pattern has a colour difference.

Inkjet UV Printer

3, UV printing on the environmental aspects of the impact

Ecological aspects will also affect the differences in printed colours, including printing time, UV ink quality, temperature levels, humidity, product quality, etc., and some factors beyond human control, which will certainly bring about the appearance of colour distinction.

4, the UV printer itself is the problem

This is when the security of inkjet UV printers comes into play. UV printers with high security are not easily affected by the release of colour differences. In addition, the printing accuracy of the printer is also a very important factor. The higher the print accuracy of the printhead used by the printer, the more realistic the printed effect, and the smaller the gap between the print effect and the actual effect needed.

5. The impact of the product on home

Release media will also affect the colour difference. Each product has different qualities, such as historical tones and ink absorption. If you can master the properties of the material, the colour design will certainly be easier.

In addition to the above factors, the UV printer driver itself is also a crucial variable. Only good and attentive UV printer operator can print a product with results that better meet the customer’s requirements.

What are the variables that affect the printing results of a UV printer?

What kind of UV printer is best for printing? This is a very common and typical question, and one of the most controversial. This is a brief response to this enquiry.

For this result, the question focuses on three main areas: the photographs printed, the products published, and the ink dots printed.

1. The printed image

Why do some drivers struggle with the fact that they have not modified the initial style of their computer, how come the published images are really dark and the initial modified photos are bright, but the published photos are undoubtedly dark? The reason is the curve of the photo. The general purpose of the curve is to specifically adjust the proportions of the shadows, and the published pattern needs to be restored to a strict proportion. This means that even without modifying the accuracy and PASS of the initial picture if the depth of the profile is not set, it is still not possible to publish the picture printer on the computer with the original UV.

2. Prints

The effect of printing is always related to the material on which it is printed, that is, the substrate, which is easy to understand. For example, the hardness, gloss and flatness of the material will certainly affect the final imaging effect of the UV printer. The question of the intensity and depth of the effect before and after is common. The material affects the adsorption of the ink, just like the speed and spread of the brush after it has been created on different papers.

3. Printing ink dots

Ink volume control is a critical quality for the print operator. Most importantly, the nozzles of the equipment itself play a vital role. The UV printer nozzles we offer, for example, are not only highly accurate but also broadband and have a long service life. The importance of the nozzles plays a crucial role due to modern technology and the well-managed experience of the printing process.

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