Introduction to DTF Printing Technology

DTF printing technology is to print the pattern on the PET film coated with a release agent through a DTF printer, which is connected to a computer. The machine will automatically sprinkle a layer of hot melt powder on the printed pattern. Cut off the PET film with the pattern, transfer the pattern to clothes, hats, pants, backpacks, or other articles with the help of the pressing machine, tear off the waste film, and get the patterned cloth.

PET film used in DTF printing is a heat-resistant and non-deformable plastic film, which will be placed on a reel. When the DTF printer receives the instruction from the computer, the nozzle will spray ink in a certain proportion to print the pattern on the film.

The pattern printed with DTF printing is rich in color, which can exceed the actual effect of the photo, and has high color fastness. It’s resistant to stretching or washing. DTF technology can be used as long as the material is a high-temperature resistant fabric. DTF printing can be applied to T-shirts, Hoodies, hats, canvas bags, pants, various children’s clothing, men’s and women’s fashion clothing customization, and the company’s cultural shirt customization.

Advantages of DTF printing

Color   It can transfer high-definition pictures and meet the needs of customers– personalized design. The pattern printed by DTF printing technology is almost identical to the hand-drawn manuscript scanned into the computer.

Stereoscopic feeling  Another important advantage is the strong visual stereoscopic feeling of pictures printed by the DTF printer. The pigment is environmentally friendly, the pattern has a good hand feel, and the color level is strong. This is one of the reasons why various garment enterprises have gradually recognized DTF printing technology in recent years.

Air permeability   In recent years, the upgraded DTF printing technology has improved the problem of poor air permeability of printed clothing when the pattern design is too large. The improved technology uses breathable powder. When a pattern is transferred to clothes, the problems mentioned above will no longer occur.


Stretch-resistant  The pictures printed by this technology are stretch resistant. Even if you tear the clothes with great force, the pattern will quickly return to its original state. Moreover, the pattern has a strong color fastness to washing. As long as it is not often washed in high-temperature water, the clothes can wear for a long time without losing color.

It can meet the production needs of one order and large batch orders

The garment printing industry is progressing with the changes of the times. The demand for individuality is growing. DTF printing technology, which has both artistic expression and appreciation, meets the requirements of customers in pursuit of unique design. DTF printer has no startup fee and can print at any time. It can print one garment for a single order, or print hundreds of patterns for a large batch of orders. The flexibility of operation is another important advantage of DTF printing technology.

Wrong operations to be avoided during DTF printing
  1. Adjust the nozzle with brute force

If inkjet problems occur during printing, please do not disassemble the machine and use external force to adjust the nozzle position. Whether replacing or adjusting the nozzle, please operate carefully under the guidance of professional technicians and comply with the technical specifications.

  1. Cutting off the power at will

When the printer is still running or the printer switch is not turned off, suddenly cutting off the circuit will cause damage to various systems of the machine. At the same time, please be careful not to turn on or off the machine continuously. Such an operation will harm the printer head.

  1. Cleaning the nozzle in an incorrect way

If the ink blockage of the nozzle is serious, please contact the maintenance personnel. Do not place the nozzle in the cleaning solution for a long time. The cleaning solution is corrosive. If the nozzle is placed in the cleaning solution for more than two days, it will cause irreversible damage to the nozzle.

  1. Indiscriminate use of ink

Using different brands and different properties of ink on the same DTF printer, or using inferior ink and cleaning liquid. This is a problem that novices often encounter when operating DTF printers. Once the wrong ink is used, the life of the nozzle will be shortened.

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