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Is Textile DTF Printer A Good Choice for Your Printing Business?

Depending on your individual demands and objectives, a textile DTF printer may be a viable alternative for your T-shirt business. DTF printing technique has various advantages over other printing technologies, including the ability to print full-color graphics with high resolution and detail, as well as the versatility to print on a wide range of materials and surfaces, such as cotton, polyester, and hybrid textiles. This article will explore the reasons why DTF printer is a good choice for printing business.

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What is DTF Printing?

DTF printing is a popular digital fabric printing technique that utilizes DTF printer to print patterns on fabrics. The patterns will be durable, long-lasting and wash-resistant. It Is a cost-effective choice to use DTF printer to develop fabric printing business as the DTF printer allows for printing on all kinds of fabric, no matter what the color is. You will get flexible business opportunities with the help of DTF printer.

DTF printing is a newer technology with several advantages over conventional T-shirt printing methods. The following are some advantages of DTF printer:

Better color vibrancy and detail

Textile DTF printer employs a white film as a base layer, allowing for greater color vibrancy and detail than other printing techniques. This is due to the fact that the ink is absorbed into the cloth rather than simply sitting on top of it.

No color limitations

The amount of colors that can be utilized in the design is not limited with DTF printing. This implies that even intricate designs with several colors can be easily printed.

Cost-effective for small quantities

Because there are no setup charges or minimum order quantities, DTF printing is cost-effective for lower quantities of T-shirts. This makes it an excellent choice for small enterprises or individuals who simply require a few T-shirts to be made.

Can be used on a variety of fabrics

DTF printing can be used on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and mixes. As a result, it is a versatile printing technology that can be utilized for a wide range of T-shirts and other items.

Easy to use

DTF printing is simple to use and can be completed fast and efficiently. This makes it an excellent choice for companies who need to print T-shirts fast and on-demand.

DTF on T-shirt

Considerations Before Investing in DTF Printer

Before investing in DTF printer, consider the following vital factors:

Printing purposes and prices

To meet the versatile demands of printing market, DTF printers have come into different sizes including desktop size, 13 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches and etc. Also, different sizes cost differently. The larger the size is, the higher the price is. From this aspect, you need to make it clear what you want to print on and what size you need to control the cost without going beyond the budget.

Printer configuration

To make an informed decision of investing in DTF printer, it is essential to know the key elements of DTF printer, including the printhead, mainboard and RIP software. The printhead is responsible for spreading ink to the surface of transfer film. The mainboard determines the performance and quality of printing. And the RIP software ensures that the designs are transformed into required formats to print. Each component plays a crucial role in the printing process. Therefore, by understanding the configuration well, you will make an educated decision.

Printing consumables

DTF consumables mean DTF ink, DTF film & paper and DTF powder. The quality of DTF printing consumables will influence the final printing results too. For instance, if you choose DTF film of poor quality, you may meet various printing problems like white and color ink mix, difficulty in tearing off the film. So when you buy the consumables, it is better for you to ask for some samples to check the quality by yourself.

Printing quality

High-quality printing results will not only attract new customers but will also retain old customers. To achieve high-quality prints, utilizing top-end printing equipment and excellent materials is necessary.

After-sales service and training support

Effective after-sales service makes sure that any problems with the DTF printer can be solved quickly. Additionally, training support will help you operate and maintain the machine quickly. In all, good after-sales service and training support will ensure long-term and stable operation of machines.

All the mentioned factors play a crucial role in choosing right DTF printer. If you want to explore more details, read this comprehensive guide Ultimate Guide to Choose Best T-shirt Printer [2024 Updated].

Comparison with Other Printing Technologies

In addition to DTF printing, there are also other types of printing technologies.

  • Screen printing: It entails developing a design stencil, which is then utilized to apply ink to the T-shirt via a screen. This method works well for big volumes of T-shirts and designs with a limited number of colors.
  • DTG(Direct-to-garment) printing: A specialist printer is used to print the design directly onto the T-shirt. This is a fantastic option for intricate patterns and low numbers, but it only allows for pure cotton fabrics. 
  • Sublimation printing. The sublimation technology prints the design onto transfer paper using special dye sublimation ink before transferring it to the T-shirt with heat and pressure. This approach works well on light-colored T-shirts made of polyester or polyester blend textiles, but it does not work well on other fabrics, particularly dark ones.


Screen Printing



Fabric types

All the fabrics

Light and smooth fabrics

Cotton-based fabrics

Polyester-based fabrics

Print feel

Smoother feel

Soft feel

Rough feel

Soft feel







All the colors

Fewer colors

Al the colors

Light color


Last long

Strong durability

Good durability

Extremely durable

Start-up cost

Relatively lower




As the table shows, DTF printer can print full-color images on any fabrics, whether light or dark color, breaking the limitations of other printing technologies.

Conclusion: Is Textile DTF Printer Right for You?

DTF printer is an excellent option for a textile company that wants to print high-quality, vibrant full-color graphics on a range of fabrics. With a DTF printer, you can start or expand garment printing business confidently and flexibly. In all, DTF printer is an ideal choice for textile business. If you are not sure to choose which DTF printer, you can always consult a printing company for professional advice.


Can I use DTF printer on all types of fabric?

DTF printer can work on light-or dark-colored fabrics, including polyester, cotton, blends and all the other fabrics.

Yes, DTF printing is environmentally friendly because it uses water-based ink, which is green and pollution-free.

DTF prints are of extremely good durability. According to the test, the prints are able to last for at least two years, without fading or tearing off.

No. DTF printer is best for garments. If you want to print on mugs, UV printing or sublimation is better.

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