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Key Tactics The Pros Use For Start Your Sublimation Printers Business

It’s difficult for a green hand to start his own sublimation business, but if he gets help from some veterans in the texture industry, he will know how to run a printing business as soon as possible. You can watch some entry-level videos of sublimation on Youtube or join some sublimation printing groups on Facebook. After reading several articles and watching some relevant videos, you will pick up some useful knowledge of sublimation printers. Whether you are just engaged in dye sublimation printing or an experienced veteran, we can also provide you with some useful knowledge, skills, and tactics to help you improve the success probability of dye sublimation printing!

sublimation printer
Find an Appropriate Sublimation Printer
Dye-sublimation printing is a very attractive opportunity because it is so easy to get one. To get started, what you first need is to buy a sublimation printer, relevant sublimation ink, high-quality sublimation paper, and the substrate you want (like a T-shirt)! Finding the right equipment is the most important! If you are a novice, I will not recommend you to buy an Epson printer. What a newcomer need is a relatively cheaper printer with easy settings. Subli-1802 sublimation printer is a good choice, which uses piezoelectric t printing technology to ensure high-speed printing speed. With 1.8m width, this printer is ideal for Polyester-based Fabric and apparel. If you want your journey of dye sublimation go further, I will recommend you choose the S2508 Pro sublimation printer. It’s a professional industrial rubber roll sublimation printer, equipped with an advanced electrical board system, S3200 print heads, PrecisionCore MicroTFP(Thin Film Piezo)chip. Compared with the first printer is easier to install and start using, Subli-S2508 is much more expensive. And you won’t regret choosing these two printers. With a continuous ink system, the printer will get ink from a reservoir. You don’t have to worry about frequently refill the ink into the cartridge. When it comes to sublimation ink, there are many choices of ink on the market. Whichever the ink you choose, I recommend that you should buy the same supply of ink provided by the printer manufacturer, which can guarantee the printing quality. Our Sublistar Ink is suitable for various sublimation printers, such as Epson, Hp, and Brother, which can also be used to direct printing and digital textile printing mass production. It washing fastness is 4-5 grade, dry rubbing fastness 4-5 grade, wet rubbing fastness 4-5 grade, light fastness 4-5 grade, which has won a good reputation in the sublimation industry.

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Heat Press Machine
As for the rotary heat press machine, it’s hard to make an accurate suggestion now. In terms of hot press, there is old brand that has enjoyed a good reputation for a long time, many of which come from China. We recommend that you choose the most suitable method for your needs, especially when it comes to the size and enclosure method.
What’s stuff do you need for sublimation printing?
Heat-Resistant Gloves – protect your hands from the heat generated by hot pressing
Thermal tape – keep your sublimation transferred from moving in your news
Teflon plate – protect your hot bed from taking too much ink or damage from pressing
The alternative of silicon and Teflon
If you can’t effectively and effectively design images for your sublimation printers, you will waste time on your business! Managing your money and time is the key to the success of dye sublimation. If you spend too much time on the design process, you are definitely wasting time. Being efficient in your design process means that you need to constantly improve the software that you choose. Whether you are using adobe, Photoshop, gimp, or any other photo editing software, you need to make sure that you can make beautiful designs quickly. I recommend checking out the various YouTube channels that have tutorials on your chosen software. In this way, you will always be at the top of your industry!
Never stop learning
So far, the most important thing is to always strive to do better! Do better in managing your inventory, or expand your customers. Whether it’s improving your design process or enlarging your substrate supply. It’s always important to keep trying to get better and acquire more knowledge. In this way, you will always be at the top of your industry! You also need to continuously improve the process and results. Whether you are trying a combination of heat, pressure, or humidity, or expanding new markets and products! Conservative idea is the enemy of all small-sized companies. Never try anything new! We hope these tips can help you start your attempt into the dye sublimation industry! Remember, always try new things, don’t avoid trying new things and meeting new people in the industry. It will not hurt to have the best equipment for your needs as well as accessories, making your process fast and simple!

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