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Knowledge base about the Nozzle of UV Print Machine

the nozzle of UV printer

Regarding the nozzle of UV print machine, it is one of the most concerning issues for all UV printing users, and it is also a question that is repeatedly asked. After all, the print head is the most frequently used part in the UV printing process, and it’s the easiest to be broken compared with other print components. Knowing the common sense of the UV print nozzle can help us become more comprehensive and professional with UV printers.


Common sense 1: imported or domestic nozzle of UV print machine

In terms of domestic UV printer nozzles, whether they are Epson nozzles, Seiko nozzles, Konica nozzles, Ricoh nozzles, Purcell nozzles, and other nozzles, are all imported, and 90% of them are imported from Japan, and the rest are from the United Kingdom and the United States. Due to the lack of corresponding technology in China, for the time being, it cannot be produced.

Common sense 2: civil or industrial nozzle of UV print machine

The nozzles of UV printers should not be divided into civil and industrial actually, but there is a big gap between different UV nozzles in terms of UV printing effect, UV printing speed, UV printing performance, and other parameters. To facilitate UV printing users to understand, the industry will classify the high-performance, long-life, and good-compatibility printheads in the industrial field. On the contrary, the print heads with a short lifespan, high failure rate, and low price are classified as civilian nozzles of the UV print machine.


Common sense 3: cheap or expensive nozzle of UV print machine

It is necessary to believe that “you get what you pay for” is the unchanging truth. Any product sold by a company or manufacturer is to make money, and it is impossible to sell it without making money or even at a loss. Similarly, there are no good and cheap nozzles, only good and expensive nozzles. Don’t be deceived by the slogans of advertising, and make rational judgments. SUBLISTAR UV printers are all equipped with the Epson print head, which is durable and stable with good quality.


Common sense 4: the nozzle of UV print machine and UV printing technology

Under normal circumstances, the more expensive the nozzle of a UV print machine is, the higher will be the capital, manpower, and material resources invested in the R&D, upgrade, and other services of the corresponding motherboard program. Therefore, this has also become an important criterion for judging the technical level of manufacturers. You can compare the technical gap between manufacturers by asking the price of the UV print nozzles made by the manufacturer.


Common sense 5: the nozzle of UV print machine and UV print inks

Different UV printer nozzles have different nozzle diameters, nozzle materials, and internal structures, so it should be remembered that inks cannot be mixed. Otherwise, it will not only cause a reaction between the inks but also shorten the life of the nozzle of the UV print machine, causing it to be blocked and scrapped.


Common sense 6: encrypt or not encrypt

Encrypted and unencrypted nozzles of the UV print machine mainly refer to Epson’s fifth-generation printheads. This UV print head has one-time encrypted printheads, secondary encrypted printheads, three-time encrypted printheads, and unencrypted nozzles. Encryption means that during the printing process, after printing a certain distance, color bars will appear, which will lead to the scrapping of the pattern. Unencrypted nozzles do not have this problem, but the price is indeed more expensive than encrypted ones. Chinese UV printer manufacturers have relatively mature cracking technology on the one-time encryption and second-time encryption nozzles, but the three-time encryption nozzles are still being cracked.


Common sense 7: warranty or no warranty

This is mentioned at the end, mainly because too many UV printing users have asked and cared about this question. After the print head comes out of the factory where it is produced, once it is sold, unless the problem occurs before it is not used, it will only provide return and replacement services. After the ink is tested and the nozzle of UV print machine is installed, problems that occur on the UV printing machine are not guaranteed. There are too many uncontrollable factors. From this point of view, the nozzle is not without warranty; it is part of the consumables. Why do I often hear that some manufacturers advertise that the nozzles provide a 1-year or even 2-year warranty? These are just propaganda slogans. If you carefully check the terms of their warranty, there are various additional conditions and fees. However, unlike other irregular and unscrupulous UV printer manufacturers, SUBLISTAR has been established for more than 20 years in the printing industry, and we aimed at providing good-quality and faithful warranties for our customers.


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