Lanyard Heat Transfer Machine VS Rotary Heat Press – How To Choose?

Lanyard heat transfer machine is suitable for heat press printing of both roll materials and sheet materials as well as sublimation transfer of banners, flags, T-shirts, non-woven, apparel fabrics, towels, blankets, mouse pad, belts, Etc. Beyond that, it particularly works well on continuous transfer of cloth, which can meet the customers’ requirement of small batch products. Also the testing printing for big factory sample.

Ribbon printing machine adopts many advanced technologies, such as intelligent energy-saving technology, intelligent controller, automatic repairing smoothness, so as to ensure that the equipment has the characteristics of high measurement and control accuracy, good temperature control stability, temperature balance, simple operation and so on.

Using computer to devise the designed pattern printing it on the specific transfer paper through digital printer by using sublimation ink, then the pattern will be on transfer printing paper, printing finished. Adopt the transfer printing paper which has design cycling to the fabric and feed together into the roller heat printing machine. Trough high temperature(180-240°c) and high pressure, sublimation ink on the transfer paper will transfer into the fabric by pneumatic, printing is completed and tailor the printed fabric to become clothes.

Characteristics of ribbon heat press:

  1. Large drum, fast transfer speed, variable frequency speed motor, conductive heating, automatic paper feeding, cloth and paper collecting and cloth;ribbon-tape-sublimation-heat-transfer-printing-machine
  2. Oil heat conduction structure, uniform transfer color, equipped with synchronous pressing roller, small positioning error of the die, can transfer multiple ribbons at the same time, using oil heating device, uniform heat generation, strong thermal conductivity;
  3. Use the most advanced control system, imported components, automatic limit, accurate and safe, long service life, micro-computer control, high accuracy, full digital display;
  4. Single-piece and batch production, large-caliber bearings, easy maintenance of heating system for vulnerable parts, good constant temperature effect, continuous transfer of colorless diameter;

Rotary heat press machine is a new oil heated drum specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for high-quality inkjet sublimation transfer technology. This self-contained system assures uniform heat across the width of the printing area and a minimum of energy consumption. Multiple safety systems, high-quality electronic components, and ergonomic, lightweight roll shafts minimize downtime and maximize investment return. This machine is commonly adopt the design of heating tube inside the tube, heating tube power generation after heat, heat will be around the radiation, the use of heat transfer oil as a medium, high heat transfer efficiency and uniformity. The machine is running, the heat transfer oil is always located in the lower part of the roller and a steady stream of heat transfer to the roller surface.

The heat-conducting oil has the property of resisting thermal cracking and chemical oxidation, has good heat-transfer efficiency, fast heat-dissipation and good thermal stability. A very high operating temperature is obtained at almost atmospheric pressure. Which can greatly reduce the high-temperature heating system operating pressure and safety requirements and improve the system and equipment reliability; but the heat transfer oil as a heat transfer medium also has a significant drawback: in the case of system leakage, heat conduction oil and flame encounter when there may be burning, so how to improve the heat transfer oil sealing space welding quality is the key technology of roller printing machine one.

The heat transfer oil inside the roller is injected through the oil hole at the end and closed after injection. Because of the limitation of the injection method, the heat transfer oil in the roller can only occupy 50% of the inner cavity of the roller. Resulting in a difference in temperature between the upper roll and the lower roll. So we develop composite roller manufacturing technology. A sub cylinder is welded inside the roll so that an annular region is formed between the sub-roll and the mother roll, which will occupy 75% of the cavity. The temperature difference between the upper and lower portions of the roll is remarkably reduced, and the transfer quality is further controlled. While the number of heating pipe immersed in heat transfer oil also increased, the efficiency of heating has also been significantly improved.

The same angular velocity, in different diameter will produce different line speed, the greater the diameter, the greater the line speed, which is to improve the transfer speed and efficiency of the most simple way. Our rotary heat press can manufacture 420mm, 610mm, 800mm or even larger diameter roller to meet the stringent requirements of the efficiency of the user. The larger the diameter of the roller is also easy to avoid frequent graphic splicing, reducing labor intensity, which is the user in recent years, the demand for large diameter roller causes soared. The greater the diameter of the roller, the higher the accuracy of the processing equipment, the current domestic production of more than 610mm diameter of the plant can be counted on one’s fingers.

So you can depend on what product you want to produce then choose the heat transfer machine. We are the factory in China, we export our heat press machine for all over the world, different width an heat drum, we can also custom-made the colour for you, any need, pls feel free to contact us!

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