Lets See Why The Digital Sublimation Printing So Widely Use Now

As we can see that digital sublimation printing requires the fabric to have a special inkjet receptive coating to ensure proper fixation. Many fabrics can be purchased with the coating already applied. Also, there are select sources that will apply the coating to a fabric that you provide. Lastly, for high production scenarios, purchasing your own coating machine may be the best option. In sublimation printing, solid particles of dye in a liquid suspension are jetted onto a receiver paper that has been specially treated to accept the solid dye particles and then to release them onto a substrate (in this case fabric). Since there is an intermediate step, the image printed on the paper transfer sheet is reversed, so it will print “right-reading” onto the fabric.

It is very important that these values must be properly run on sublimation printing machines and must work in the press well. Certainly, it must not have undesirable substances such as dust spots on the paper. Tears, deformations at the edge of the paper can cause great harm to the printing heads. Sublimation paper thickness must be determined based on the density of the pattern and the amount of ink to be used in the pattern. In a very dense design, using lightweight paper causes paper not to run smoothly on the machine and printing press and also causes printing problems because of the swellings in the paper. However, the moving parts of the printing machine can be damaged due to the weakness of the paper.


Dye sublimation ink and paper conformity are also very important. When using different ink and paper, ink pulses of the printing machine must be set again by qualified service personnel according to changed items. Using heat transfer paper with high transfer efficiency can reduce ink consumption much higher than estimations and allows you to save your ink costs that cannot be ignored. As a result, you can produce your products at a total cost much lower than you spent for both paper and ink. Thus, you can lower your costs and give less damage to the environment.sublimation paper

Let’s Have A Look at Digital Dye-Sublimation Printing

Dye-sublimation transfer sheets need not be confined to transferring images onto fabric. An additional use with wide appeal is to transfer images onto ceramic tile, wood, plastic, glass, or metal. This can be done as long as the material can first be treated with a polyester coating. This option opens up numerous industrial printing and interior design applications, from printing on wall coverings and drapes to printing on glass and flooring.

In addition, dye sublimation printing can be a useful technology for transferring images to mugs and other small novelty products (although for mugs, a special dye-sub press is necessary, which grips the cylindrical mug and applies both heat and pressure to transfer the image). the future direction of dye-sublimation fabric printing, noting that the trend is away from the transfer paper and toward direct-to-fabric printing. However, in this case, the dyes would still need to be sublimated in order to adequately bond with the fibers of the fabric.

Fast production opportunity

The most important advantages of dye sublimation paper printing are the ease of operation and fast production opportunity. You can respond to your orders in a shorter time when compared to traditional printing methods. No additional washing or drying is needed and you can use the paper shortly after the printing process. Besides, there is no need for a great deal of setup before the printing process. Furthermore, thanks to high-speed printers, you will ensure fast turn-around times for your high volume orders and small run personalized prints.

Durable prints

Due to the nature of inkjet sublimation printing, the dye is absorbed by the fabric and the ink has not adhered to the surface of the fabric; therefore sublimation allows the garment to continue to breathe without being harmful to the skin. Thus, it is ideal for the garment industry or home textile products where the print contact with the skin. Additionally, the sublimation printing technique eliminates any cracking, peeling or fading of images on fabric. Even after multiple washing, the dyed images will remain sharp. Unlike other printing solutions, you can get long-lasting results. Sublimation paper printing results in minimum waste without the necessity of washing. Because the process turns the solid directly to a gas, there is absolutely no need for water in the drying process. It thus reduces water consumption and offers cost-effective production. Moreover, because water-based dyes are used, it has no negative effects on human health and does not pose an unsafe working environment.

Technical Advantages

Sublimation printers feature a compact design as compared to many other traditional printers. This means high functionality and less maintenance time. You can thus continue your business without interruption. Besides that, sublimation printers are quickly becoming one of the easiest to use thanks to their automated systems of loading paper and ink, print head cleaning, feeding and color management/software, and thereby maximizing operation productivity.


Good Performance

Speed is of the essence with a wide-format sublimation printer. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a print, and nothing better than a printer finishing a job quickly and moving on to its next task. The more you use a wide printer, the cheaper (and more valuable to the company) it can become.

Sublimation printers not only supersize prints but create beautifully detailed output for a variety of purposes, from event graphics to those oversized checks for lottery winners. On the downside, the more detail the print requires, the slower the printing. Using high-end photo paper or canvas, which require more ink, things slow down even further.

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