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Maximize Your Business Potential with the Best UV Printer

For those who already own UV printers, it is essential to maximize your UV printer value through various applications, or some may think it is useless to buy UV printer. Besides, constantly launching new products will also garner new customers and keep old customers. Today’s article will discuss about how to maximize your business potential with a UV printer.

What is UV Printer and How It Works

UV printer is known as a kind of printing machine that utilizes UV light to cure the ink on the surface of substrates quickly to get final printing results. Nowadays, UV flatbed printer, UV roll to roll printer(UV DTF printer) and UV hybrid printer are three popular types of UV printer in the market.

Except for the fast drying feature, UV printer also features easy operation. Normally the UV printer works in the following steps:

Designing– Design the needed patterns and transform to the required format.

Preparing– Prepare the substrate, putting and fixing it on the platform.

Printing– Set the relevant parameters and click the start button to begin printing.

Advantages of UV Printer

When the UV printer comes to the digital printing market, it becomes popular quickly for the following 4 advantages: suitable for almost everything, high quality prints, quick turnaround time, and print different designs at the same time.

Suitable for Almost Everything

One of the exciting advantages is that the UV printer can print on almost everything. This allows you to expand your business to other industries anytime to follow the trend, not worrying that you will lack related equipment or materials. According to the actual usage, UV printer can print on acrylic, wood,plastic, glass, PET film, PVC board, ceramic tiles, metal, leather, rubber, silica gel, canvas and more.

glass uv print
pvc uv printing

High Quality Prints

Whatever products you sell, the quality is always the top priority. As terms as of this aspect, the quality of UV print is very satisfied. The UV ink will be cured as soon as it prints on the surface, which will make the color vibrant and can restore the original appearance of image. Also UV printer supports high-resolution printing, allowing 3D embossed varnish printing. More over, the printed patterns are of strong durability and can sustain for long time thanks to the special structure of UV ink. No matter what you want to print, you will get optimal results.

Quick Turnaround Time

Another advantage of UV printer is its quick turnaround time. Unlike DTF printing, UV inks cures by UV light. That means your prints will be cured instantly when the patterns are printed. This saves a lot of time especially for urgent orders. Quick turnaround time makes sure you complete all the orders in time and help you form a good reputation.

Print Different Designs at the Same Time

For those who focus on customization business, one of the pros of UV printer is that it can print different designs at the same time. As long as you set up the designs and put the substrates at the right locations, the UV printer can realize multiple prints at a time in one pass. This confidently gives you chance to take on more customization orders.

UV printing on plastic cards

Application Examples of UV Printer

When it comes to UV printing applications, many people firstly think about printing phone cases. Actually, UV printer can be applied to more creative industries. Below are some examples.

Daily Necessities

Products like bottles, cups, store boxes, cup mats are all daily necessities. Some people have the habit to order same items like bottles for their friends or family members. If they buy for the family members, it is easy to take the wrong item. A UV printer can solve this problem well. With a UV printer, you can design special patters for different persons according to their preferences and print them to send as special gifts. This also allows those business men to produce popular timely to keep in step with the fashion trends.

Decoration Products

Comfortable environment will bring positive influence to people, hence, some people tend to spend a lot of effort decorating home, company, store or other places. With a UV printer, you will be able to make the decorating printings according to your own bias and needed styles. You can print the designed patterns on the vases, ceramic tile and other decoration products. UV printer can realize 3D embossed printing, for this reason, you will be able to make oil painting to hang on the wall to create an artistic atmosphere.

UV oil panting printing
UV oil panting printing

Customized Gifts

In a personalized society, people tend to pursue unique products to individualize themselves. UV printer will greatly meet this trend. You can print out their names, favourite animals, preferred patterns or logos on the gifts. A customized gift will not only leave deep influences on them but also show your feelings better.

To conclude, UV printing is a standout standout technique in the printing industry. With a UV printer, you will enjoy more business opportunities and get good returns. However, all this depends on that you own a qualified UV printer.

As a result, those who plan to enter the printing industry and make some achievement, it is critical that you choose the best UV printer to ensure the optimal printing results and long-term success. So how to choose the best UV printer? The article UV Printing for Beginners: A Simple but Complete Guide (with Video) will benefit a lot.

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What are the applications of UV printer?

UV printer can print on a huge variety of materials, like pens, glass bottles, mugs, golf balls, key chains, mobile phone cases and more.

Yes, UV printing is very safe, not bringing harm to human body or environment.

UV printer is capable of doing multiple prints in one pass at a high speed. And the prints are durable and can sustain for a long time.

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