A3 UV DTF printer

Multi-functional 11’’ All-in-one A3 UV DTF Printer 

A3 desktop UV DTF Rotary Flatbed Printer

The Sublistar A3 desktop UV DTF Rotary Flatbed Printer is born for small printing and customized business. It’s applied to bottle logos, UV stickers, mobile phone shells, etc. With the Sublistar A3 UV DTF Printer, you can achieve the 3D embossing effects when you print any business logo or patterns directly on almost any flat or cylindrical surface, such as pens, books, acrylics, bottles, wood, mobile cases, etc.


The features of Sublistar A3 UV DTF printers

UV printing application of phone cases

Low investment and high return

The Sublistar A3 desktop UV DTF printer is more suitable for customization. If you want to make high profits in the digital printing industry without making large deposits, you can do some customized business with Sublistar A3 UV DTF printers. 


Perfect 3D embossed printing effects

Our customers with customized demands usually have high exceptions for sharp, vibrant patterns. Moreover, with the 3D embossed and bright varnish effect made by the Sublistar A3 desktop UV DTF printer, you can get an eye-popping print effect.


Combine printing and laminating all in one 

The new A3 UV DTF STAR IV 30R roll-to-roll printer combines printing and laminating all in one. And it helps eliminate the need for a laminator to work twice as one machine can print A film and laminate B film automatically at the same time.


4 colors + white & varnish print simultaneously

The varnish printing area is as smooth as a mirror without bumps and bubbles. High-quality varnish output has stronger adhesion and abrasion resistance. Therefore, the printed patterns will not fade with eternal brightness. Furthermore, the white and colored inks, as well as the varnish, can be output simultaneously, and the varnish does not need to be laminated urgently. 


Ink cartridge heating and automatic moisturizing

You don’t need to worry that the ink will dry or get stunk anymore. Because moisturizing liquid will be automatically added to the blotting-pad, and then press the reset key (Origin) to make it reseal the nozzle to effectively moisturize the nozzle and prevent blockage. There is a device that can make the nozzle clean and moisturized. What’s more, it can make the blotting-pad close the nozzle when the printer stops working.


A3 UV DTF printer application

Low ink alarm and mute motor & rail

The ink alarm device will make an alarm sound to remind you to add ink when the ink level is too low. This step can prevent affecting the normal operation of UV DTF roll-to-roll printers. High-precision and mute rails make the printing smooth with low noise and a better operating environment.


Nozzle heating and white stirrer

You can use an ink damper or trolley floor to heat the ink, which can ensure smooth and continuous printing without clogging the nozzle. The component that derives the circulation of white ink. Please make sure that the stirrer is still running when the printer is turned off. It effectively avoids white ink settling and makes the printer start and works faster next time.


Waste ink alarm and white ink circulation

When the waste ink bottle is full, the monitoring device will make an alarm sound: a device for storing waste ink. When the waste ink is full, there will be an audible alarm prompt. With a white ink circulating pump, the white ink can be driven and circulated. You should ensure that the circulating pump is still working when the A3 UV printer is shut down. This step can effectively avoid white ink deposition, and the printer will start up and run faster next time. Furthermore, the running speed of the pump can be adjusted. Significantly, nonprofessionals are not allowed to adjust it at will to avoid affecting the stability of the ink supply.


Temperature control system and ink supply system

The front and rear temperature control systems make it simple to achieve AB film printing, a stable and consistent printing process. With a large ink cartridge, the Sublistar A3 UV DTF printer can print patterns with bright colors. In the printing process, the white and colorful inks as well as varnish output simultaneously, making the production more convenient.


Roll-to-roll and all-in-one scheme 

The guide belt transmission system is accurate, which makes the printing more delicate. The constant tension retracting and releasing system makes AB film printing more stable, so there is no need to worry about the elastic deformation of AB films.


Multi-functional output

The new Sublistar UV STAR IV A3 UV DTF roll-to-roll printer can make AB films laminated perfectly without blistering, which can achieve the effect of no arching and deviation with the cooperation of the retraction system. The trolley motion system is equipped with finishing materials, making the trolley move steadily and paint accurately. It is one of the latest and most efficient desktop crystal sticker printing solutions.


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